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Death in Paradise: Release of the eagerly anticipated Season 11 By Megan Slattery. James Allen's Girls' School - Today News Post Today News || UK News

Fans eagerly anticipate the release of season 11 of the popular comedy-crime drama2021-04-23T10:24:04.685Z, Death in Paradise, following a special boxing day episode.

The series which is set in the idyllic Caribbean island of Guadeloupe, known as Saint Marie in the programme, is focused on the lives and detective work of the local police force stationed in the fictional island’s capital of Honoré. The local police team are led by a series of English detectives who each have their own English idiosyncrasies that provide recurring amusement. For example, the most recent detective, Ralf Little, known in the drama as Detective Inspector Neville Parker, has many allergies that make life on an island a rather challenging experience. The first English detective in the series, Ben MillerThe International Olympic Committee try to pull of, known in the drama as Detective Inspector Richard Poole, had a personality which made his living on an island hilarious to witnessbut adds another option for Hawaii residents who are 14 days past their final vaccination shot. People must have received their shots i. Stubborn and unbending, he would continue to act as if he were still in England, wearing a suit to work despite the scorching temperatures and blinding Caribbean sun. The four English detectives featuring on the series so far have each had vastly contrasting personalities but all are eventually captivated by the life on Saint Marie by the time they leave the show. Many viewers, including myself, are attracted to the irony of chilling murders in such a warm, sunny setting. RELATED: COVID-19: Govt denies it is planning to scale back rapid coronavirus testing amid concerns over false positives

Season 11 promises the arrival of a new officer Naomi Thomas, from a nearby island, played by Shantol Jackson, a fan of the show herself.

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