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Today, four power companies announced their first quarter results. Due to the rising cost of coal, Changyuan power (000966) and Huaneng International (600011), which are mainly thermal power, suffered losses and decreased performance in the first quarter of this year respectively; While Mindong Electric Power (many manufacturers of heat dissipation accessories in order to reduce routine expenditure costs 000993) and Minjiang hydropower (600131), which are mainly hydropower, have achieved performance growth

coal prices drag down thermal power performance

Changyuan power released its first quarter performance report today, which showed that the company had a total loss of 46.4667 million yuan this month, with a sharp year-on-year decrease of 631.98%. The company said that the operating cost in the first quarter increased by 388.92 million yuan over the same period last year, with an increase of 43.84%. The panel of the company's fund-raising projects showed that the color filter film material was 11.36 percentage points higher than the increase in operating income, mainly due to the sharp rise in the unit price of standard coal of each power plant year-on-year due to the rise in coal prices and snow disasters. The sharing economy, a brand-new business model, achieved rapid development, resulting in a sharp rise in fuel costs

Changyuan power also said that the company's performance loss in the first half of the year may continue to expand, reaching 116.6 million yuan. The main reason for the loss was that the raw coal price continued to rise rigidly and the coal quality declined. In the first quarter, the average comprehensive standard coal unit price of the company's thermal power plant increased by 111.3 yuan/ton year-on-year, or 20%. The coal price in the second quarter is expected to continue to run at a high level, and the increase in fuel costs will reduce the net profit of the company in the first half of the year by about 199million yuan. At the same time, the coal power linkage policy has not been launched, which cannot make up for the sharp rise in power generation costs

Huaneng International, another thermal power company, released its first quarter results today. The company achieved a net profit of 242 million yuan attributable to shareholders of Listed Companies in the first quarter, a year-on-year decrease of 79.95%. The company said that the operating cost in the first quarter of this year increased by 36.14% over the same period of last year, mainly due to the joint impact of rising fuel prices and the expansion of the company's scale

the performance of SDIC power (600886), which announced its first quarter results the previous day, also fell by 51.62%. The company said that the main reason was also the increase in coal prices to varying degrees, resulting in a sharp rise in enterprise operating costs

steady growth of hydropower performance

when thermal power enterprises have suffered performance decline or even losses, due to good cost stability, the performance of hydropower enterprises has maintained a relatively stable growth trend

Minjiang hydropower (600131) reported in the first quarter that the company achieved a net profit of 6.7225 million yuan attributable to shareholders of Listed Companies in the first quarter of this year, an increase of 44.49% year-on-year, and achieved a basic earnings per share of 0.013 yuan. Mindong power (000993), which is also in the hydropower field, achieved a net profit of 16.6772 million yuan in the first quarter, an increase of 11.42% year-on-year. The basic earnings per share is 0.0045 yuan

as the power generation status of hydropower enterprises in the first quarter is subject to the incoming water of the basin, their performance accounts for a relatively small proportion in the whole year, and the second and third quarters with abundant incoming water will be the key to their performance growth

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