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At the launch of the power engineering design manual in Beijing

press conference, Wang Jianping, chairman of China Energy Construction Group (Co., Ltd.), yuan yuelun, deputy inspector of the State Administration of publication, radio, film and television, Wu Chunli, general manager of China Power Engineering Consulting Group Co., Ltd., Shen Weichun, Deputy Secretary General of China Power Enterprise Federation and President of Electric Power Development Research Institute, Liang Zhengping, general manager of China Power Planning Institute Co., Ltd Relevant responsible comrades of the Development Department of State Grid Corporation of China and Yingda media group attended the meeting and made speeches

the experts at the meeting believed that with the historical take-off of national economic and social development over the past 30 years of reform and opening up, China's power engineering construction has started the rapid development of gasoline pumps, with the power scale, total installed capacity and power generation ranking first in the world, and the technology of the power industry ranks first in the world, and remarkable innovation achievements have been made. The electric power engineering design manual comprehensively reflects the major innovative achievements with independent intellectual property rights in the field of electric power engineering survey and design in China. Its publication will play a positive role in standardizing and guiding electric power engineering survey and design, further improving the level of electric power engineering construction, promoting the optimization, transformation and upgrading of electric power industry structure, assisting the construction of the the Belt and Road, and accelerating the going out of electric power construction

it is understood that the "electric power engineering design manual this article briefly introduces the operation method of spring testing machine" has been selected as the key national publishing planning project of the 13th five year plan, and has been supported by the national publishing fund. Since December 2014, its compilation and publishing work has been jointly initiated by China Power Engineering Consulting Group Co., Ltd. and China Power Press, with the participation of more than 700 industry experts, scholars and technical backbones

Experts from southern power, five power generation groups, relevant universities and energy construction and power planning units attended the press conference. A Book gift ceremony was also held at the press conference. Note: the consumption cost of processing 98% industrial grade flake vanadium pentoxide into vanadium electrolyte is not considered for the time being. Some representatives of provincial electric power design institutes, power plants and colleges and universities accepted the book gift

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