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The power capacitor industry solves the energy-saving problem

driven by the dual demand for investment increment and energy-saving substitution, as well as the rapid development of ultra-high voltage and ultra-high voltage transmission technology, in recent years, the power capacitor industry has ushered in a golden period of development and has maintained a high growth trend. The total industrial output value and output of backbone enterprises increased significantly year-on-year, and the speed of new product research and development accelerated. Since this year, the output value and output of this industry have continued to grow year-on-year, showing a good momentum of development

industry statistics show that since 2001, the annual growth rate of output value of power capacitor industry has remained at about 20%. In 2007, the total output value of the industry increased by 22.8% over the previous year. In the first half of this year, the output of shell capacitors, collective capacitors, box capacitors, high-voltage self-healing capacitors and other products increased to varying degrees

remarkable achievements in technological transformation

in recent years, the strong entry of ABB, Cooper and other well-known foreign enterprises has brought great impact to local enterprises of power capacitors. In order to reverse the passive situation, a number of backbone enterprises have invested a lot of money, on the one hand, building new production lines and vigorously expanding production capacity; On the other hand, we should strengthen technological transformation and purchase world-class production equipment and process equipment

according to incomplete statistics, last year, 135million yuan was invested in technological transformation of the industry, mainly for upgrading process equipment. In recent years, nearly 20 sets of the most advanced automatic component winding machines in the world have been imported, and more than 10 sets of the most advanced vacuum treatment and oil immersion equipment in Germany. At present, the production equipment of key enterprises in the industry is completely comparable to that of international advanced enterprises

good equipment level has injected great impetus into the development of the industry. Taking 2007 as an example, the industrial growth rate of this industry reached 18.6%; Sales revenue increased by 24.3% over the previous year; The total profit of the industry increased by 10.2% over the previous year. The output value of a large number of enterprises has increased significantly. At present, there are 9 enterprises with an output value of more than 100 million yuan, and the highest is more than 800 million yuan

greater innovation

in recent years, the rapid development of domestic HVDC transmission projects has provided a rare opportunity for the power capacitor industry. A number of new products, such as 500 kV DC transmission shunt capacitor devices, filter capacitor devices, 750 kV 0.2 capacitive voltage transformers, 1000 kV standard capacitors, high and low voltage reactive power compensation devices, high and low voltage AC filter result display devices, have been put into use in national key AC and DC engineering projects in "Tian Guang", "Gui Guang", "San Guang" and other engineering projects, and operate well

with the continuous improvement of the requirements of power construction for voltage quality, safety and power saving, especially since the country vigorously implemented the policy of energy conservation and emission reduction, the technical level of complete sets of power capacitor devices has been continuously improved, giving birth to a number of new products of environmental protection and energy conservation. Last year, the output of complete sets of devices (mainly reactive power compensation devices and filter devices) increased by 27.2% over the previous year

in the face of increasingly strict safety standards for electrical operation and strict requirements for energy conservation and environmental protection, in order to meet the urgent needs of the parallel and filter capacitor device market, the industry actively developed high-tech products, and completed a total of 79630 MVA of high-voltage parallel and filter capacitors, an increase of 14.3% over the previous year. Among them, the output of Xi'an XD power capacitor Co., Ltd., Guilin Power Capacitor future Co., Ltd. and nisin motor (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. reached more than 50% of the total output of high-voltage shunt and filter capacitors in the industry

it is worth mentioning that backbone enterprises have actively increased technological innovation, overcome a variety of technical difficulties, and successfully developed a million volt capacitive voltage transformer

according to statistics, 32 new products in this industry have passed the national, provincial and municipal appraisal in the past three years. Among them, bam6 developed by Xi'an XD power capacitor Co., Ltd W-type shunt capacitor, dam9 W-type DC filter capacitor, dam 1W type DC filter capacitor has reached the leading level of domestic similar products; These debates have always existed in the field of Zo power battery technology. Af.05h DC coupling capacitor, tydl110/-0.02h capacitive voltage transformer and tydl500/-0.005h capacitive voltage transformer have filled the domestic gap and reached the leading level of domestic similar products

energy conservation is still the focus

the huge market demand and the substantial improvement of the industry's technical level have made the industry achieve extraordinary development. However, on the whole, the scientific research strength of some enterprises in basic research is still relatively weak, and the technical content of some new products and complete sets of devices is not high. In particular, the investment in product medium research, key process research, product operation status research and other aspects is insufficient, so that the product level always lags behind the international advanced level

at present, China has accelerated the pace of energy conservation and emission reduction, and the promotion of energy conservation and emission reduction is unprecedented. In this context, focusing on market demand, arming enterprises with high and new technology and promoting the implementation of energy conservation and emission reduction policies will be the future development direction of the power capacitor industry. Therefore, we should continue to strengthen independent innovation, strengthen the combination of "production, learning and research", vigorously develop energy-saving and environmental protection reactive power compensation devices with high reliability, high technology content and high automation level, and promote the sustainable and rapid development of the industry

the focus of technological research and development in the future industry is to strive to improve the technical and economic indicators of capacitors. On the basis of realizing the stable production and reliable operation of a single 500 KVA capacitor with a bit of 0.2 kg/KVA, develop a single 700 KVA capacitor with a bit of 0.18 kg/KVA, and the distance between rollers can adjust the waste; Strengthen basic research work, and conduct in-depth research on relay protection, overvoltage protection of internal fuses, external fuses, capacitor banks and noise of capacitor devices

at the same time, we should vigorously promote the in-depth study of capacitor dielectric to improve the uniformity of film thickness and the stability of electrical performance; Vigorously develop power capacitors for AC and DC UHV transmission, focusing on ± 800 kV DC filter capacitor devices, voltage equalizing and damping capacitors for converter valves, improve the single capacity of AC filter capacitors, implement anti leakage measures, and ensure that the annual failure rate is reduced to less than 0.2%

in the future, we should continue to implement the rectification measures of collective capacitors to reduce the electrical breakdown failure rate to less than 0.2%; Promote the use of main load side compensation, simplify the main transformer structure, reduce losses, improve transmission power, improve compensation effect, and improve the operation reliability of large capacity capacitor banks. It will also vigorously promote the development of reactive power compensation and filter devices to advanced reliability, select non reigniting switching switches, reasonably select different types of reactors, and improve the operation reliability of series reactors. At the same time, accelerate the research and development of SVC, STATCOM and other reactive power compensation devices with advanced performance

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