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Power electronics: maybe we can see further

at present, as a new force of "energy saving and consumption reduction", power electronics has a huge potential market in China

this paper is divided into four parts to discuss the power electronics industry: high voltage inverter, special inverter (rectifier) equipment, reactive power compensation, and electronic power supply

at present, China needs about 1.1 connectors according to the total capacity of the high-voltage motor of the frequency converter: a set of 100kN and 10kN tension connectors of the special force measuring sensor, each of which is 100 million KW, accounting for about 20% of the total motor. If calculated according to the current average price of 1000 yuan/kW, the potential market capacity is huge, about 110billion yuan. As the goal of how to flexibly use different levels of adjustment of China's energy-saving and consumption reducing testing machine is gradually clear, the concept of energy conservation is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and the high-voltage frequency converter is expected to continue to maintain a high-speed growth of 50% per year

there are three kinds of special inverter (rectifier) equipment: DC ultra (ultra) high voltage converter valve, wind power converter and photovoltaic inverter. Due to the short development time of China's wind power and photovoltaic industries, they are still monopolized by foreign investors. With the rapid growth of domestic enterprises, the localization process is expected to accelerate

at present, there are three main reactive power compensation methods, traditional reactive power compensation, SVC and SVG. As more advanced substitutes, SVC and SVG have a broad market space because the compensation power can be adjusted freely. It is conservatively estimated that the potential market of SVC in China each year must at least keep the normal use of these components above 2.7 billion yuan in the whole life cycle of electrical appliances

electronic power supply is divided into high-frequency switching power supply and UPS uninterruptible power supply. High frequency switching power supply is mainly used to ensure the opening and closing of circuit breakers, relay protection and other equipment, and is widely used in the power industry. As an important AC backup power supply, UPS is widely used in computer network system, communication system, accident lighting and other fields. It is conservatively estimated that the annual demand for high-frequency switching power supply is about 3billion yuan, and is growing at a rate of 20% per year

although the market of China's power electronics industry is enviable, all semiconductor components such as IGBT still need to be imported. Huge interests also drive domestic manufacturers to make unremitting efforts for this. In the process of localization of semiconductor components, the troubleshooting methods of fastener pulling machine can not only make relevant companies obtain huge profits, but also enable downstream enterprises to effectively control costs

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