The hottest power distribution automation system

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Power distribution automation system

scheme background:

the application of digatto1001 connects the electric quantity collection device in the substation to the power communication network

the application of digatto1001 has a simple structure, the communication protocol is TCP, there is a group of special people/ip, it is convenient to install and debug

digatto1001 supports tcp/ip socket and com driver mode, and provides tcp/ip server/client mode and UDP mode

digatto1001 serial interface is rs232/rs422/rs485, Convenient equipment connection

digatto1001 serial port has 15kV ESD surge protection, and the port has 1.5kV electromagnetic isolation protection, which greatly simplifies the circuit structure

moxa Ethernet device server supports fiber ring redundancy

eds is designed for industrial field applications, the working temperature is -20---70 ° C

ip30 protection grade, solid high-strength aluminum shell

eds has built-in watchdog function, It can automatically save the current settings

eds can timely obtain the status information of network equipment and alarm

eds can assign IP address to the connected equipment

in this case, EDS is used to form an optical fiber ring to ensure uninterrupted communication

success cases:

the above nC60 aluminum alloy often needs to undergo corresponding surface treatment before use to meet its organization, upstream material production enterprises The adaptability and safety of downstream key users and some scientific research institutions to the environment 1 application scheme was successfully applied in a practical project by a Hebei electric power automation system integration company

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