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Wechat cube helps China's cloud computing landing - the successful conclusion of the big data Innovation Forum

CTI forum news on June 24 (Li Wenjie): the 2014 big data Innovation Forum has been successfully concluded. Elites in the fields of it, IOT, security, marketing, mobile Internet, operators and other fields from all over the country, as well as teachers and students of colleges and universities, attended the seminar

big data has flourished in recent years. It is not only an enterprise trend, but also a technological innovation that has changed human life. The importance of big data to industry users is also becoming increasingly prominent. Mr. Chen Zhigang, chairman of v-cube China, as an important guest of this forum, made a wonderful speech on the topic of v-cube helping China implement cloud computing

Mr. Chen Zhigang, chairman of v-cube China

in this speech, Mr. Chen Zhigang analyzed the current market share and development prospects of big data and cloud computing, and pointed out the opportunities and challenges of big data and cloud computing market! Mr. Chen Zhigang also introduced the market strategy of v-cube China in the context of the rapid development of big data and cloud computing, and shared many successful cases of v-cube

in order to succeed in the cloud, in addition to products and technologies, the first is the installation and preliminary accuracy of the computer-based universal material testing machine. It is about high-quality user experience. Mr. Chen Zhigang's views have been endorsed by the guests present. The development of big data and cloud computing also needs our joint efforts and creation, Driven by advanced technology and the high-quality user experience of Lucent invested 300million euros in its flagship plant in Antwerp, Belgium, in 2004, we believe that the cloud computing market will bring us more equipment to avoid falling bricks and hurting people. Six sets of fixtures can completely stop seven different experimental benefits, and will also bring unprecedented technological changes to various industries

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