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The oil well repairing robot will "officially take up the post" in March next year.

Liaohe Oilfield will use the robot to repair the well! In mid December, I came to the Xinglongtai Engineering Technology Office of Liaohe Oilfield to find out. At the operation site of ma65 side well in Liaohe Oilfield, the operator Wang Siming gently pressed the processing button in the operation room where the product grade was improved. The oil pipe was automatically sent to the universal experimental machine along the slideway and adjusted to the elevator at different speed levels. It was automatically loaded and smoothly lowered. The procedures of each track were well connected, and there was no trace of oil contamination in the well pad

in the past, workover operations in China were all manual operations, with poor working environment, high risk factor, high labor intensity and low production efficiency. Looking at the robot in front of him, fan Yuping, director of the construction department, was very excited. This is the first automatic workover rig in China. It was developed by the Construction Department of Liaohe Oilfield in cooperation with Shenyang Xinsong robot company. Its successful development not only solves the above problems, but also fills the blank of automatic workover technology in the world

at the operation site, after leading the team to finish the third technical commissioning of the day, Liu Haigang, the head of Shenyang Xinsong robot project development, smiled. He told that this technology was designed in 2007. After more than three years of scientific research, it was put into processing and manufacturing at the beginning of this year. It entered the simulation test in mid October and will officially take up its post in March next year. This set of equipment can work continuously for 24 hours, reducing labor intensity by 60%, improving comprehensive operation efficiency by 30%, and reducing labor volume by 50%

the trial NCC of workover robot is cooperating with industry partners on the initial project, which can save energy, reduce pollution and reduce costs, and release operators from high-intensity work. It is particularly important that automatic operation realizes the intrinsic safety of workers. It is reported that at present, Liaohe Oilfield has more than 200 minor repair teams, while the national total has reached more than 4000. Some experts predict that after this technology, which currently has 4 national invention patents and 6 utility model patents, is promoted and used, many new material innovation and entrepreneurship teams in Shenzhen will make ordinary conventional workover stride towards high-tech automation, which will inevitably bring a revolution in workover technology

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