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OKI released four new color machines and multi-function all-in-one machines

on October 25, 2005, Oki printing solutions, a professional manufacturer of commercial printing solutions, grandly held a new product launch of printers in China entitled "professional charm, streamer and color" in Beijing. At this press conference, Oki launched four new color high-speed digital printers and one multifunctional all-in-one machine to the mainland of China. This is another major measure of Oki's color machine sales strategy after it began selling color printers in the Chinese market in 2003, showing Oki's strong technical strength and confidence in the in-depth expansion of the Chinese market

the five new color machines launched this time are c3200n for small and medium-sized network office, c7350 for large and medium-sized network business applications, c9600 for professional digital output, C9800 for professional production level digital output equipment and c5510mfp for multi-function all-in-one machine. The launch of these five new products makes Oki more perfect its market segmentation on the basis of the original product line layout, and also provides more choices for different types of users. For example, c3200n, on the premise of its high-speed printing characteristics and highly competitive price, reduces the threshold of network printing, so that more users can enjoy the convenience of high-speed network printing. Therefore, lm78053 terminal regulator is used to stabilize the 12V voltage taken out. C7350, c9600 and C9800 have significantly improved in printing speed, clarity and other functional indicators, which can better meet the needs of enterprises for high-end printing and professional print output

c5510mfp is Oki's first multi-function all-in-one machine released in China based on the carbonization principle of thermosetting polyurethane after its successful introduction to the European, American and Japanese markets. It integrates the characteristics of high-speed color printing, high-speed multi page continuous scanning, high-speed 1, spring tension and compression testing machine, high-speed color copying, and "standard card, with the function of network operation, It can meet the multi-purpose office needs of small and medium-sized enterprises and individual users, and has become another highlight of the current color multifunctional machine market

Since Oki entered the Chinese color machine market in 2003, it has been recognized by users for its unique led imaging technology, high-speed and stable printing performance, environmental protection and other excellent quality, and the whole line of products has entered the forefront of the market. Mr. Lin Zhengmin, marketing director of Oki printer in China, said: Oki's biggest advantage comes from its technological leadership. The key technologies and parts of Oki printer are independently developed by Oki, which is difficult for other manufacturers to achieve. Moreover, Oki's concept of honesty, pragmatism and win-win cooperation has also won the recognition of more and more dealers and users. This is an important reason for Oki's continuous progress in China. With the launch of this new product, Oki has completely covered the whole line of business printers in China, such as needle printers, color printers, color multifunctional machines, etc., showing the exquisite technology and performance advantages of Oki printers and the confidence to enter the forefront of China's printing market

according to the statistics of international authoritative institutions, Oki color printers have a rapid development momentum in the European and American markets, and have entered the mainstream industry of color machines. Many countries even jumped to the top three. In China for more than three years, it has also achieved good results. In particular, industries such as graphic output, once launched in the Chinese market, have ranked among the top three. In addition, in order to meet the personalized requirements of users, Oki has just established a printer software company in Dalian. This is the further implementation of Oki's strategy of "taking root in China"

it is reported that after the new product launch in Beijing, Oki will hold new product tours in Shanghai, Guangzhou and other cities, and launch a variety of powerful marketing and promotion activities

source: OKI

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