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OKI cooperates with Dalian University of technology to develop environmental friendly color printer paper

exquisite postcards and clear photos, which not only add light to life, but also ruthlessly devour the earth's green umbrella forest. Making 400 postcards is about to cut down a 20-year-old tree; China's annual paper consumption almost destroys half of the greater Hinggan Mountains, and just yesterday, an international scientific research cooperation project to make high-quality printing paper with grass instead of trees was launched. OKI company of Japan, the world's second largest printer manufacturer, signed a cooperative research and development agreement with Dalian University of technology to jointly develop and manufacture high-quality and low-cost color printer paper by using one-year grass and environmental protection paper

high quality in the current situation of homogenization competition of universal experimental machines is becoming increasingly serious, the printing paper market demand is huge, and the paper production seriously destroys the forest. The production of high-quality office paper from annual grass such as kenaf is a hot research topic in the field of papermaking. At present, the printing paper and environmental protection paper made from annual grass have problems such as insufficient gloss and too much paper powder, and the printing effect cannot meet the needs of high quality

The cooperation between Oki and the University of technology will focus on solving the problems of high-grade color printers in printing technology, the necessary friction coefficient of toner transmission and continuous stability, and the physical characteristics of electrical resistance surface. OKI will set up a laboratory in the University of technology to focus on the physical properties of printing paper and the analysis and research of printing images; Dalian University of technology focuses on the development of high-performance paper, the analysis of printing paper, the research of materials and manufacturing methods, and the manufacturing of paper

the goal of both parties is to produce test paper in 2008 and achieve mass production of paper at low cost in 2009. This will not only greatly reduce the production cost of replacing hydraulic oil with high-quality printing paper, but also greatly protect resources and the environment. According to statistics, China consumes nearly 200million trees that have been growing for more than 20 years in papermaking every year. The energy consumption for each ton of paper is equivalent to that for one ton of steel. Using grass as a substitute for wood to produce printing paper, Oki can save 100000 tons of wood consumption in one year alone

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