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OKI color printer c8600dn: one pay double-sided harvest

the so-called double-sided printing refers to the normal carburization process operation of the tensile testing machine. After printing on one side, the printer sends the paper to the double-sided printing unit, completes a turnover inside it, and returns it to the paper feed channel to complete the printing on the other side. This printing method can save half of the paper without increasing any input. Especially in the field of A3 format printing, due to the large paper size, double-sided printing has more practical significance for enterprises to save resources and reduce operating costs. However, it is regrettable that at present, the printers that truly realize the double-sided printing function in the A3 color laser printing market are rare. Some so-called double-sided printing, in fact, is by manually turning the printing paper over, or by setting the software function to print odd pages first, and then manually turn over and then print even pages. These are not true duplex printing

true duplex printing comes from the Oki color page printer c8600dn. As an important weight of Oki's plan to revitalize the lottery machine, c8600dn, which was launched less than half a year, not only bears too much pressure, but also proves that it has lived up to the expectations of Oki and the market. In terms of appearance and performance, c8600dn is superior to similar products. In particular, sharp electronic research and development (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. has achieved real success in the A3 market, which is really valuable

what helps c8600dn realize this characteristic function is Oki's printer design concept of combining software and hardware. In c8600dn, Oki takes the double-sided printing unit worth thousands of yuan as the standard configuration of the printer, which not only benefits users the most, but also eliminates the manual tedium of double-sided printing from the source; In terms of software, the driver of c8600dn has set the option of double-sided printing. As long as you select this option, you can easily realize double-sided printing. On this basis, more practical applications can be derived, such as volume printing, which is often used by users? 705 has also been licensed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). On the basis of automatic double-sided printing, it can complete automatic typesetting and printing through the software provided by Oki company. Such functions can only be realized by professional software such as typesetting and folding. It can automatically typeset multi page documents, nail them in the middle seam after printing, and bind them into a volume. It can easily realize employee manuals, investigation reports, product manuals, papers Printing of proposals, tenders and other documents

some people may ask, will double-sided printing affect the printing speed? The answer is: no! According to the actual test, the color output of c8600dn is 26 pages per minute, and the monochrome printing is as high as 32 pages per minute. This speed is not only greatly superior to similar products in the current market, but also unaffected by double-sided printing. In addition, the output time of c8600dn's color homepage has reached an amazing 10 seconds, which is 50% shorter than that of similar products

in addition to saving valuable and consumable paper, c8600dn can also save users' nervous office space resources. As one of the typical products of Oki slimming product series, this A3 color laser broaching machine is a manual layout printer. The desktop occupies an area of 0.29 square meters, and the volume is only 0.1 cubic meters. The space occupied by the machine body is less than half of that of similar products. It can be called the smallest A3 color laser printer in the world at present, which makes okic8600dn have unparalleled advantages in alleviating problems such as space tension in commercial office environment

in today's increasingly homogeneous products, the functional characteristics of differences are the life of products. When the society is in shortage of resources today, c8600dn is unique in paper saving by virtue of its veritable double-sided printing function, which indirectly creates benefits for users and realizes one pay and two-sided harvest. The same c8600dn can not only effectively save paper, but also save increasingly tight space resources because of the unique section, which is another connotation of paying and double-sided harvest

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