The hottest oil-free bearing series

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Oil free lubrication bearing series

oil free lubrication bearing series

1. Oil free lubrication or less oil lubrication, suitable for places where it is impossible or difficult to refuel, can be used without maintenance or less maintenance

2. Good wear resistance, small friction coefficient and long service life

3. There is an appropriate amount of elastoplasticity, which can distribute the stress on a wide contact surface and improve the bearing capacity of the bearing

4. The static and dynamic friction coefficients are similar, which can eliminate the crawling at low speed, so as to ensure the working accuracy of the machine

5. It can reduce vibration, reduce noise, prevent pollution and improve working conditions

6. It can form a transfer film during operation, which can protect the grinding shaft from import to production, and there is no shaft biting phenomenon

7. The hardness of the grinding shaft is low, and the shaft without quenching and tempering treatment can be used, which reduces the processing difficulty of relevant parts. It is roughly divided into three types

8, thin-walled structure, light weight, can reduce the mechanical volume

9. Precision oil pump and electro-hydraulic servo valve can be configured on the back of steel, and PC servo controller can be plated with a variety of metals, which can be used in corrosive media; At present, it has been widely used in the sliding parts of various machines, such as printing machines, textile machines, tobacco machinery, micro motors, automobiles, motorcycles, agricultural and forestry machinery and so on. Tianjin Juran Bearing Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive bearing enterprise integrating production and sales Now Tianjin has set up a sales and Trade Co., Ltd. to become a professional transmission component agent supplier, acting for the sales of imported Sweden, accounting for 74% of the world's total chemical fiber SKF, Germany fag, ina Yonachi, IKO, ezo American Timken and other bearings At the same time, it maintains friendly partnership with Harbin HRB, Wafangdian ZWZ, Luoyang LYC, etc There are a large number of stocks, various series of bearings

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