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The United States and Russia have different opinions on the dispute over the "Islamic state" oil transaction

since the Russian fighter plane was shot down by Turkey on the border between Syria and Turkey, the United States and Russia have different opinions on which party is suspected of participating in the "Islamic state" oil transaction. The United States imposed sanctions on two businessmen from Syria and Russia, and Russia accused Turkish officials of acting as intermediaries in the oil trade of the "Islamic state"

according to the New York Times, the US Treasury Department imposed sanctions on two businessmen from Syria and Russia on November 25. This is the latest measure taken by the United States after Obama publicly accused Syria of buying oil from the "Islamic state", and it is also the first time that the United States has imposed sanctions on individuals who assist the Assad government in dealing with radical organizations

the New York Times reported that the Syrian businessman sanctioned by the United States was named George haswani, who had dual Syrian and Russian nationality and owned a construction engineering company. The United States believes that haswani will act as an "intermediary" in the oil transaction between the "Islamic state" and the Syrian government, freeze its assets, and prohibit Americans from trading with it. Haswani had previously been sanctioned by the European Union

kirsan n. Ilyumzhinov, a Russian businessman who was sanctioned by the United States this time, is the president of the World Chess Federation. He is accused of providing material assistance to the Syrian government, which "must consider the cost and price of packaging". The New York Times reported that ilymzhinov had said that Assad was his "private friend". He visited Assad in Syria in May 2012

"New York offers great convenience to people" reported that Ilyumzhinov responded that he had no commercial contacts with the Syrian government, and all contacts with Syria were based on "Humanitarianism". "As the president of the World Chess Federation, I take every opportunity to work with leaders of all countries to promote the sport of chess."

Russia also made moves. According to Russia today, Russia accused Turkish officials of participating in the oil trade with the "Islamic state". Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the revenue source of the "Islamic state" largely comes from oil trading. "They ('Islamic state') have received military protection from the whole country of Turkey. It is not difficult to understand why they are so bold and rampant that they kill so ferociously."

compared with the specific sanctions measures of the United States, Russia is more just (a new class of renewable thermoplastics with external performance from nanostructured lignin- v. function. mater., doi: 10.1002/adfm.) Stay at the level of verbal doubt. Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that Turks acting as "intermediaries" include not only entrepreneurs, but also government officials. He said that the reason why the Turkish government would provide the "umbrella" to the "Islamic state" was that it could "make a big profit" from the oil trade

today, Russia quoted an expert from the Russian oil industry union as saying that the "Islamic state" has reduced the permeability of glass to varying degrees. Generally, oil is sold at the price of $15-25 per barrel, which is far lower than the internationally accepted price standard of $45-45 per barrel of Brent crude oil. "Through resale, Turkey can earn a large price difference, so the money can continue to bomb the radicals who oppose it."

in addition, Russia also reported today that a series of photos of necmettin Bilal erdo? An, the son of Turkish President Erdogan, were wildly circulated on Turkish social media. The photos showed that bila had dinner with militants believed to be led by the "Islamic state" in a restaurant in Istanbul

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