The hottest Oko frequency converter is wonderful.

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The application of Oko frequency converter in the cotton opener ensures that the machine runs more smoothly without vibration, and the overall service life of the machine is longer and the maintenance cost is lower

cotton opener, used for two-dimensional/three-dimensional screw cotton, PP cotton, doll cotton, ordinary hollow cotton and other cultural paper, special paper, etc.) to open evenly and fluffy, as long as it is opened at one time, it is suitable for toy factories, sofa factories, bedding factories, home textile and clothing factories; You can also loosen old wool, cardigans, old quilts, etc. A clothing factory in Shanghai is a large-scale manufacturer of four seasons clothing, with a full range of processing enterprises from raw material production to processing into finished clothing. This time, the cotton opening and cleaning machine at the front of the production line is transformed

here, a chemical enterprise on site asked us' how do chemical enterprises connect + '? " Zhao Lei recalled to the equipment that the motor was required to drag the chain, and the positive and negative directions were controlled by the travel switch to spread the cotton evenly, with a light load. After the handling is completed, the 004g/5r5p-3b type frequency converter of orco transmission pt200 is used, and the FWD and rew forward and reverse functions of the control terminal are controlled by the travel switch on the equipment. The acceleration and deceleration time is 0.5 seconds. Here, the multi-function input terminal Dix of Oko frequency converter is used to set forward rotation, p+ and Rb are connected with braking resistance, energy consumption braking + DC braking is used to realize rapid shutdown, and the relay output terminal is set as fault output, which acts when there is a fault signal. Fully meet the needs of the site

electrical wiring diagram:

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