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Machine vision entered the market at the "inflection point" period

since 2016, with the catalysis of made in China 2025, China's machine vision market has continued to heat up and has entered the inflection point. According to GGII data, the size of China's machine vision market in 2017 was 4.2 billion yuan, accounting for 18% of the global market, with a growth rate of 26%, higher than the global average

since 2017, financing events in the field of machine vision have come one after another, including Elson, mecamand, achu technology, elite vision and other enterprises, which have obtained financing, continuing the trend of being favored by capital in 2017. According to incomplete statistics, in the first half of 2018, there were 9 financing events in the field of machine vision, accounting for almost half of the financing events in the robot industry

specifically, on January 3, alite obtained 50million yuan of round a financing; On January 31, Yuanxing spacetime completed the ten million yuan pre-A round of financing; On February 27, Jingrui vision completed tens of millions of pre-A round of financing; On May 10, Gaoxian completed a round of ten million dollar financing; On May 18, Shenzhen Obi Zhongguang Technology Co., Ltd. completed round D financing of more than US $200million

compete to enter the market

all say that capital is profit seeking. While capital flows to the field of machine vision, it is not difficult to see the huge prospect of this market. Not only the number of new enterprises increases, but also many automation enterprises begin to increase their layout

in the past two years, machine vision enterprises have become the hot spots of exhibitions, and the number is increasing year by year. From the actions of international automation enterprises in the past two years, it is not difficult to see the fierce competition in this field

in February 2017, abb acquired nub3d, a Spanish 3D testing pioneer specializing in the research and development of white light 3D testing technology; In September, Omron purchased maxken, an industrial bar code reader and machine vision expert, a subsidiary of spectris PLC, for us $157million; In December, Rockwell successfully acquired British odos imaging company, which mainly provides 3D TOF sensor system for industrial production

at SPS IDC drive held in Nuremberg last year, Siemens expanded its original visual product line with a new mv540 high-performance industrial camera. Beckhoff integrates a variety of machine vision functions in its latest version of TwinCAT 3; B R, a brand of ABB, launched the first machine vision product

at present, there are about 100 international machine vision brands in China, nearly 100 domestic machine vision brands, more than 200 product agents, and more than 50 professional machine vision system integrators, covering all machine vision industry chain products from light sources, industrial cameras, industrial lenses, image capture cards and smart cameras

first outbreak: logistics sorting

many people in the industry said that machine vision will be the first to realize in the field of logistics express delivery. Operators should first carefully browse the product manual. This year, except for this kind of wood plastic composite materials made from agricultural and forestry wastes, it is the inflection point of the outbreak

in 2017, the total number of express parcels in China was 40billion, equivalent to 100million parcels per day on average. At the Logistics Conference held in Hangzhou not long ago, Ma Yun said that in the next 58 years, this number will increase tenfold to 1billion parcels per day. The core competitiveness of this industry is speed, and the core link affecting speed is logistics sorting

the logistics industry is rapidly evolving from manual sorting to intelligence and automation. The robot logistics sorting system based on 3D visual guidance is widely used

on June 5, JD signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with xinshida; On June 12, JD signed a strategic cooperation agreement with evert. Within a week, JD successively cooperated with two domestic robot manufacturers, and at the beginning of this year, it led and invested in the round a financing of intelligent storage robot road innovation. With such frequent actions, it is not difficult to see that smart logistics will become a competitive point for major e-commerce companies. The annual output of China's daily-use plastic products is about 3.2 million tons and has entered a critical period of seizing the market

liuqiangdong recently said that JD's performance growth at present mainly comes from retail business, but in the future, supply chain services and technology driven by logistics will become a new driving force to drive JD's performance growth

at the smart logistics summit held by rookie in May this year, Ma Geng, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba group, pointed out that rookie should go all out to build a national smart logistics backbone and create profit space for the manufacturing industry through intelligence and collaboration. To this end, Alibaba and rookies will invest hundreds of billions of yuan

Li Ming, general manager of Huarui technology, said that in the express industry alone, the number of Huarui technology industrial cameras could reach tens of thousands this year, and this is just the tip of the iceberg

Hikvision, another machine vision product enterprise, is also continuously increasing the layout in the field of logistics sorting. On June 26, Hikvision robot signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Lanying equipment to carry out the research and development of vision based intelligent terminal products of special logistics system and provide solutions

as early as last year, Elson at-s1000 robot 3D positioning system has been applied in JD's unmanned warehouse. This year, Elson's self-developed unmanned high-speed logistics sorting scheme suitable for e-commerce logistics warehousing was also exhibited at the exhibition

currently, mecarmand has cooperated with some logistics and robot ontology enterprises to implement many projects, and is also shipping through some robot and logistics equipment integrators. In order to better expand the application scope and ability of robot vision, makamand is still working towards the direction of scene reconstruction

key: integration with automation technology

with the expansion of application scope, machine vision has gradually developed towards openness from simply collecting, analyzing, transmitting data and judging actions in the past. This trend also indicates that machine vision will be further integrated with automation

the current mainstream machine vision technology has been relatively mature, but they are basically relatively independent in the equipment system, sometimes even very closed. The interface between the visual product and the control system is extremely limited, and there is no mutual sharing of information and data

in the opinion of Huang Bofu, CEO of Yishi Zhitong technology, in addition to the technical difficulty of machine vision and control system itself, it also involves the organic combination of system architecture, motion control and actuator, which is also very difficult

shaotianlan, CEO of mecarmand, said that the use of vision systems is generally too troublesome. Professional integrators or even a small R & D team are often required. The threshold for use is too high, which also leads to high cost and difficult promotion

in order to integrate machine vision into the search control system of equipment Baidu, which still has the largest traffic, in addition to the need for a set of equipment controller and system software with integrated visual function, a unified on-site general line is also essential; Moreover, the network system must have enough real-time certainty to ensure the clock synchronization between components when the system is running

while automation manufacturers continue to improve and upgrade visual products, they also need to actively adopt various coping strategies, such as integrating standard bus protocols into products, opening visual product interfaces, seeking cooperation with automation manufacturers, etc

industrial vision has five application scenarios: measurement, positioning, detection, guidance and recognition. Among them, because of the variety of defects and the randomness of their distribution, the detection is difficult, which has been an unsolved problem in the field of industrial vision

however, in the recent two years' itinerant investigation of high-tech robots, we found that the testing demand of terminal enterprises can be said to be very huge, especially in the industry, which is mainly reflected in the appearance and function testing and SMT front-end testing

Huang Bofu said that the difficulties in the application of machine vision in the detection scheme mainly lie in non-standard. Different scenes and materials may have different technical routes, and there is no standard solution once and for all

in addition, data sharing and processing are also important. Wangxulongqi, founder and chairman of Lipper technology, said that the greatest significance of visual inspection equipment is to provide data and analyze. Machine vision not only enables machines to see production, but also enables them to understand production. The solution to this problem depends on data analysis. Therefore, Lipper not only provides advanced detection technology of machine vision, but also provides data services and mobile data viewing, including feedback analysis of process flow

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