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The inflection point theory of global economic turmoil has swept the coating market again. The inflection point theory of global economic turmoil has swept the coating market again. January 8, 2009

[China coating information] Nowadays, the global economy is in turmoil, the economy of various industries is in recession, and the coating industry is no exception. The "inflection point theory" in the industry has already spread like wildfire, and many coating enterprises have fallen or hurriedly transformed. In the face of new challenges and opportunities, some experts suggest that coating enterprises wandering in the strange circle of homogenization should wake up. Reducing costs and increasing prices is only an expedient measure. Only by playing the "cultural card" to increase added value can they really break out of the encirclement and stabilize one side of the market

market environment: 67000 domestic enterprises have closed down, and the coating enterprises are under heavy pressure.

in recent years, with the fluctuation of macro-economy, the sharp increase of energy prices, the continuous sharp rise of raw material prices, and the rise of transportation costs, the profitability of domestic small and medium-sized production enterprises has generally declined, and they are facing great pressure for survival. According to the relevant person in charge of the applicable scope Department of small and medium-sized enterprises 1 of the national development and Reform Commission, 67000 small and medium-sized enterprises above Designated Size closed down in the first half of this year, with an astonishing number and scale

in 2008, the development of China's manufacturing industry was in the doldrums, and the situation of the coating industry was grim. It has evolved from the original "death without price rise, death with price rise" to today's wave after wave of price rise. The franchised stores have closed, the building materials market has been removed, and the thin coating enterprises have closed down one after another. Even now, the profits of the surviving coating enterprises have also declined sharply. The coating industry has moved from the era of meager profits to the era of big reshuffle

Cultural Construction: ensure the vitality of products and always maintain the vitality of enterprises

in the era of product homogeneity, in the face of dazzling semi-finished coatings, the majority of consumers need more comfort and beauty brought about by product painting, and they care more about spiritual enjoyment. This kind of spiritual satisfaction can only be realized on the basis of giving culture to the product or brand, because the cultural value full of human nature and humanity can most touch the chord in the hearts of consumers

there are still many cultural products and enterprises in the industry

case 1: zhanchenda chemical system

in 2004, zhanchenda chemical published the book "zhanchen, why choose you", which describes the construction of zhanchenda's corporate culture. The cultural transmission of "simple management", "three disciplines and eight points of attention" and "four modernizations of execution" played a positive role in zhanchenda's employees, partners and customers, making zhanchenda group's goals unified and all levels share the same desire. Resolute implementation has become the common behavior characteristic of zhanchenda people. It can even be said that the release of zhanchen, why choose you in January next year for production commissioning is equivalent to the company's advertising value of 5million yuan in major media, which has not only created material wealth for consumers, but also created huge spiritual wealth for the society. Zhanchen is a pioneer with ideas, ideas and culture in the industry

in addition, the classic Chinese beauty of the classic paint mainly promoted by Shenzhen zhanchenda Chemical Co., Ltd. is vividly reflected in both the product packaging and the facade of the unified exclusive store. Classic paint is not only a kind of paint. In front of consumers, it is more a brand that inherits Chinese culture and enjoys spreading beauty. It has a classic Chinese red and too many Chinese elements, which makes many consumers fall in love at first sight; In addition, the "Classic Times" hosted by classic paint, the "paint King competition" launched by classic paint and the "7.7 paint Festival" have expanded the brand culture of classic paint to a certain extent

case 2: since its birth in 2002, sankeshu paint has become the fastest growing brand in the paint industry at a multiple growth rate. The reason is related to its corporate culture construction. Sankeshu is determined to be the flag bearer of ecological concept, and has formed an ecological culture of sankeshu based on "Tao follows nature" and "healthy evolution" in practice. The book "Tao follows nature" is the crystallization of the corporate culture of three trees. Its core of health culture, the cultural origin of Tao follows nature, the cultural vision of harmonious life, the cultural concept of ecological culture and the cultural declaration of cultivating virtue, words and deeds all guide the direction of harmonious development of enterprises, forming a perfect system in which enterprises, employees, customers, society and nature are interdependent and symbiotic

sankeshu paint has taken the theme route of cultural marketing from the beginning, and its "capital × brand × The proposal of the "culture" strategy and the launch of the "heart" series of new healthy products all reflect the brand culture of sankeshu and show the strength of sankeshu's health, humanity and care everywhere. The rapid growth of sankeshu stems from its eternal fresh cultural vitality

case 3: Hualong coating

throughout the growth track of Hualong, the people-oriented care culture is everywhere and everywhere. Hualong put forward the "ten caring measures" to vigorously develop the caring culture and put it into practice. Its "ten caring measures" involve technology, variety, quality, production, environmental protection, logistics, channels, services, communication and terminals. What complements the caring culture is Hualong's safety culture. Hualong has created a unique management mode of "one book and one signature", won the first registration certificate for safety management of hazardous chemicals in the coating industry, and was praised by sunhuashan, deputy director of the State Administration of work safety; It has always paid attention to safety management and proposed that the overall goal of safety management is to transition to safety culture, that is, to form a safety culture from safety management and promote safety management with safety culture. Hualong's safety culture and care culture jointly build the cultural essence of the enterprise

it can be seen that brand culture not only creates brand influence, but also plays an important role in increasing the added value of products and improving the height of products. The more high-end products are affected by the market environment, the smaller the impact is. This is also an important reason why well-known brands hold high the cultural brand to the best-selling market. The experience of these enterprises is worth learning from in the industry

■ experts suggest that coatings with good culture sell well

although life is difficult, some well-known brands still maintain their relatively fixed market, and even lead a more comfortable life than before. It is observed that, in addition to the necessary breakthrough through industrial transformation, building a brand concept that keeps pace with the times is the key for enterprises to go against the current. At this time, it is a good time for proactive enterprises to seize the market

lifunian, a specially invited researcher of the Chinese Academy of Management Sciences, said: "If an enterprise wants to continue to grow steadily, it must first build a good brand, integrate good capital, and establish a good culture. It is the only way for an enterprise to strengthen its brand, expand its capital, and maintain its culture for a long time. Many coating enterprises have a certain brand awareness and capital, but lack of cultural accumulation. An enterprise is a pure enterprise, an enterprise without ideas. Of course, culture is also divided into three or six, and different cultures will Create a different enterprise future. Some enterprises think that if they get a famous brand, they are great. I feel that the real famous brand is not selected by any department, but recognized by the market. Therefore, the bosses of coating enterprises may as well compare their own enterprises with excellent domestic enterprises such as Huawei, Lenovo and Mengniu, and with international companies such as Coca Cola and IBM to realistically analyze their own gap? I believe that brands with good ideas sell well, and coatings with good culture sell well. Therefore, I suggest that Chinese coating enterprise bosses think about their own brands. Do they have ideas? What are the unique ideas? "

a marketing expert said that culture is tomorrow's economy. In order to further develop production and truly become a world-class enterprise, we must rely on the power of corporate culture. At present, the corporate image strategy and the practice of building corporate culture widely adopted by famous enterprises in the world are bold attempts to promote economic development through cultural forces. It is these attempts that have made great achievements for the enterprise. For example, Coca Cola in the United States, Minolta in Japan and Wang Yongqing in Taiwan, China are all successful examples. The dual economic and social benefits brought by corporate cultural power to enterprises have once again proved that cultural power is the inexhaustible source of wisdom for enterprises

■ observation

coatings need cultural nourishment

happiness magazine pointed out that without a strong corporate culture, and without its fluorine product manufacturing plant in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the United States, which began to produce HfO (1) 234ze for aerosol propellants, foaming agents and refrigerants, no smart strategy can succeed

corporate culture is the foundation of an enterprise's survival, the code of conduct, and the guarantee of success. Japanese business people believe that there is no industry without culture and education. Once the excellent corporate culture is combined with outstanding entrepreneurs and scientific management, and recognized and accepted by the majority of employees, it will not only become the spiritual pillar of the enterprise, form a strong cohesion and vitality, but also produce a huge material force, promote the development of the production and operation of the enterprise, and improve the economic and social benefits of the enterprise

with the progress of society, people's cultural awareness has been continuously enhanced, and they pay more attention to spiritual satisfaction and enjoyment. Both producers and consumers need a spiritual culture to support or command. If matter exists in a circle for a long time, culture has a long history in a straight line

whether it is the "lacquer Festival" founded by Zhan Chenda, the "double happiness" paint for wedding houses launched by sankeshu, the "lacquer art workshop" launched by Bauhinia Flower paint, or the painting bar mode proposed by industry experts, all reflect that the paint industry pays more and more attention to culture, and the fact also proves that the emergence of new cultural forms can always make people refreshing. To this end, good products should not only be material, but also good coatings should be more cultural, and the cultural flavor should be stronger. Popular coating products can always let consumers taste the taste of culture and enjoy the moisture of culture

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