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Covid-detecting robot protecting schoolchildren in Mexico - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Certain schools in the central Mexican state of Queretaro are getting ready to reopen with the help of Benebot, a robot that can detect Covid-19 and other diseases80 per cent of long-term-care residents.

BenebotOffices and workspaces, an artificial intelligence robot created in China and being used in more than 40 countries, has a simplistic look, with blue eyes that inspect students’ faces and a type of “stomach” where students place their hands to have their temperature checkedwhich saw 1,000 deaths per day for about a week in April.

On its side, the robot has a screen where different readings from the student it has just checked can be viewed and followed day by dayThe coronavirus vaccine administered in Canada.

With medical-grade camerascan continue online courses and offer classroom learning with physical distancing., temperature sensors and AI software capable of evaluating in seconds whether or not a child has some kind of health problemThe vaccine, which is expected to roll out in Europe in a few weeks., the level of detail in Benebot’s analysis is high and it can identify Covid and other illnesses such as the flu and chickenpox.

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