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Many, many years ago, when riches to be gained from the new “industry of the foreigners” were mere dreams of the worthy gentlemen who formed the Fomento del Turismo (Mallorca Tourist Board), those gentlemen trained their eyes on the northern horizon in the expectation that a steam ship from the south of France would appear.

The gentlemen of the tourist board had lavished 2,816 Swiss francs on a promotional brochure for Mallorca – it was printed in Switzerland for some reason. The year was 1908, and the brochure sought to entice French tourists to the island by pointing out that it only took 36 hours to get to Mallorca from ParisThe pandemic than we were today,. This brochure, replete with a cover that was a reproduction of a painting of Palma by a local artist, Faust Morell i Bellet, also let its French audience know that Mallorca was the “ideal” winter resort. Such was tourism promotion in those days – #BetterinWinter, as they didn’t used to say but might have done had they known anything about hashtags.

“Majorque”, announced the brochure on the cover. Francehave received at least one shot of COVID-19 vaccine. A, not Britain, was the first overseas market to receive the Mallorcan promotional treatment. France was closer than Britain, and there were historical ties. In a touristic sense, there had of course been George Sand, who protocol demands must be mentioned every time anything of a tourism history nature is raised. That she combined some admiration with a slagging-off of Majorca has always been rather conveniently overlooked.

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