How to prolong the service life of PVC floor

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How to prolong the service life of PVC flooring

pvc flooring has become a popular new building material in the market according to the data of China Automobile Association. However, improper construction during the laying process will have a great impact on the overall effect. Avoiding the following common problems of PVC flooring will definitely help to prolong the service life of your PVC flooring

1. When paving PVC floor, the expansion gap at any place is less than 1 cm, especially when paving at door edges, corners and hidden parts, it is roughly estimated that the expansion gap or saw board is uneven, so that any part of the floor contacts with fixed objects. As long as any part of the floor is in contact with the fixed object, there will be force and reaction, partial or total arching, and joint cracking or warping will occur in serious cases

2. The cement floor is completed less than three months, or although it is completed more than three months, the doors and windows of the room are closed, airtight, airtight, and the moisture is too large. In this case, the phenomenon of arching or joint cracking and angle warping will occur if the PVC floor is paved for a little longer time

3. Before the PVC floor, although the geothermal heating room has done the heating experiment, because the geothermal construction unit did not reach the highest temperature and did not continuously observe the ground temperature change in order to hand over the work as soon as possible or save money, it stopped the experiment when the ground had a temperature. In this way, a large amount of moisture and temperature were not emitted. Once the floor was paved, once it was heated again, the moisture and humidity that could not be emitted increased sharply. Or even if a complete experiment is carried out, the geothermal temperature does not gradually increase after the pavement, but it is raised once in place. In this way, the moisture, moisture and heat generated by raising to the limit temperature too quickly and too quickly will lead to the floor arching, cracking and bubbling

4. After the PVC floor is paved, do not enter the room for several months, and the doors and windows will be closed for a long time, so that the indoor air will not flow and the humidity is not enough. Especially in winter and summer, the stuffy board in this environment is easy to arch and crack

5. The user did not maintain the floor according to the paving instructions and quality assurance card, especially when the floor was maintained and wiped, so that the floor seam watered or the seam was often wet, resulting in joint cracking and corner cocking

6. When paving PVC floors, the pavers rushed for time in order to catch up with the progress, or simply did not carefully follow the "paving instructions" based on experience, resulting in the following illegal paving phenomena: ① The splicing of large and small ends is beating pavement; ②. When knocking, the skid is too hard or the position of the cushion is improper, and the lock catch is damaged but not found; ③. Too much force is applied when knocking and installing, so that the joint is too tight and there is slight arching; ④. Repeated knocking for many times destroyed the lock seam; ⑤. The beating was weak and the seam was not fastened

7. During PVC floor paving, some floor latches are not standard (too loose) or tight, and the latches have been damaged. Instead, they have been mixed, causing problems

8. In winter, due to the increase of water absorption of the floor and the hibernation of PVC floor, the floor was not placed in the user's room for more than 12 hours in advance to adapt to the temperature and thaw out, so problems occurred after the floor was paved for a period of time. When paving, the floor mats are not staggered and stacked, especially the joints of the floor mats are not sealed with self-adhesive tape, so that the moisture escapes from one place. In this case, either the joints are cracked, or the bubbles or corners are warped. This is the most common reason

specific methods:

1. Sand and stone protection: a sand and stone protection mat should be placed at the door of the house price and the hall where PVC plastic floors are used to prevent shoes from bringing sand and stones into the room and scratching the floor surface

2. Article handling protection: when handling articles, especially when there are metal sharp objects at the bottom, do not drag them on the floor to prevent the floor from being damaged

3. Fireworks protection: Although the PVC plastic floor is a floor with a fire rating of fire retardant grade (grade B1), it does not mean that the floor will not be burned by fireworks. Therefore, when people use PVC floors, do not put burning cigarette butts, mosquito repellent incense, electric irons, and high-temperature metal objects directly on the floor to prevent floor damage

4. Regular floor maintenance: PVC plastic floors should be cleaned with neutral detergent. Strong acid or alkali detergent should not be used to clean the floor, and regular cleaning and maintenance should be done

5. Pollution treatment: the contaminated ink, food, grease, etc. on the PVC plastic floor should be wiped off, and then the traces should be wiped with diluted detergent. The residual black leather shoes are difficult to remove. When the 4-ball friction and wear tester is removed, the veil can be used to wipe with pine perfume. Without the limitation of the utilization of the waste foam granulator, the pine perfume can be poured on the floor for cleaning, and wax maintenance should be added after scrubbing

6. Precautions: when cleaning the floor, do not use cleaning balls and knives to scrape. For dirt that cannot be cleaned by conventional methods, consult relevant people, and do not use acetone, toluene, and other chemicals indiscriminately

from the development of single screw, 7. Chemical protection: avoid a large amount of water staying on the floor surface for a long time, especially the block floor and homogeneous floor. Soaking the floor with water for a long time may penetrate under the floor and cause the floor glue to melt and lose its adhesion, may also make the protective wax water on the floor surface layered and cause floor pollution, and may also cause sewage to penetrate into the interior of the floor and cause floor discoloration (homogeneous floor)

8. Sunlight protection: avoid direct exposure to strong light, and put ultraviolet radiation on the floor to prevent discoloration and discoloration of the floor

note: dust and sand on the ground of PVC floor will damage the ground material. If there are disseminated substances, the surface may change color, so please remove these substances at any time and clean them regularly. When local contamination is serious, clean with neutral reagent and then wipe with wet linen. It is strictly forbidden to use steel ball and wire brush to clean dirt, so as to prevent damage to the surface of the floor. When cleaning with a linen cloth with a lot of water, pay attention to prevent the water from immersing from the connecting part or the cross grain part, resulting in the empty sticking of the product and the opening of the connecting part. When solvents, furniture paints, radioactive liquids, drugs and other products drip on the ground, they should be immediately eliminated with alcohol. Note: if strong solvents such as acid or acetone are used, the impregnation area may expand, soften and change color

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