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How to promote the upgrading of telecommunications services by carrying numbers

on November 22, 2010, the user carrying number transfer measures were piloted in Tianjin and Hainan for a period of six months. After the implementation of signal carrying transfer, the competition between telecom operators will mainly depend on the quality of services they provide, which will inevitably help to break the artificially constructed competition threshold and improve the overall level of the telecom industry

in this pilot, the policies of Tianjin and Hainan are different. Tianjin implements "two-way transfer", that is, 2G users and 3G users of Chinatelecom and China Unicom, as well as other mobile users of China Mobile except for TD special number segments 157 and 188, can carry numbers to each other. Hainan implements "one-way transfer", that is, other mobile users of China Mobile except for TD dedicated number segments 157 and 188 can carry their numbers to China Telecom and China Unicom, while mobile users of China Telecom and China Unicom cannot carry their numbers to China Mobile, nor can they carry their numbers to each other

analysts pointed out that the two places adopt different pilot methods, and the intention of the regulators is more to improve the technology first than to balance the competition pattern

for China Unicom and Chinatelecom, which have long lagged behind China Mobile in terms of market share, number portability is another opportunity to win users after the release of 3G licenses. A number of insiders of the operators revealed that at present, the three operators have tilted their resources to Tianjin and Hainan to a certain extent

chenjinqiao, deputy chief engineer of the Telecommunications Research Institute of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that at present, there is not much incremental market competition in the mobile communication market, and the high-end users in the stock market are the focal points for the three operators to compete in the number carrying transfer. The theme is "military civilian integration and the development trend of new military materials for 2025", because high-end users contribute a lot of income and traffic. In order to compete for users to turn to themselves, in fact, this is a very common UV curing technology. Businesses have repeatedly made moves, especially in Tianjin, which takes the "two-way transfer" route, and the communication market is bustling

up to now, the number carrying transfer business carried out in Tianjin and Hainan has not attracted users' transfer upsurge

at present, the prominent problem of number carrying transfer is the difficulty of value-added services. Some transfer users in Tianjin and Hainan said that value-added services such as weather forecasts and bank reminders could not be used after the transfer. It is understood that at present, the Ministry of industry and information technology has standardized the implementation scheme of mobile voice service, point-to-point short message service and point-to-point multimedia message, which are the key services for selecting Universal Experimental machines, and has not opened it to mobile value-added services

according to insiders, it is a technical problem that transfer users cannot continue to use third-party value-added services. Before the transfer, SP business and group customer industry SMS platform realize the distribution of industry information through personal user identification code. The original user number and the home network belong to the corresponding relationship. After the transfer with the number, the user number and the home network are no longer the corresponding relationship. The industry SMS platform cannot know the home network of the user number. In addition, SP and group customer systems have not been adjusted, Therefore, value-added service information cannot be used by transferred users

according to the introduction, in order to ensure the successful completion of voice, SMS and related value-added services by the number carrying customers, operators must transform the existing network and increase the elements of the core network to manage the carrying out and carrying in of user data. At the current pilot stage, the software and hardware equipment used by operators are temporarily developed by equipment manufacturers such as Huawei. If it is fully rolled out in the future, it is difficult to estimate the investment in equipment transformation

at the business level, in addition to the establishment of a business management system by the Ministry of industry and information technology, the three operators need to establish their own business management systems in order to synchronize the data that brings confidence to extruder enterprises with the system of the Ministry of industry and information technology. In addition, various billing and settlement systems also need to be transformed and upgraded to ensure effective docking after users transfer

as a measure intended to support vulnerable operators and promote market competition, number carrying transfer has been implemented in many countries and regions. From the perspective of market prospects, "two-way transfer" can release the transfer demand of strong operators' users who have been restrained by the number factor for a long time in the short term, and balance the market to a certain extent; In the long run, it will stimulate competition and magnify the consequences of correct or wrong strategic choices of operators. The function of "one-way transfer" is similar to that of two-way transfer, but it has a greater impact on strong operators

it is understood that after the pilot for half a year, the introduction of the further policy of carrying numbers needs to be discussed and negotiated for a period of time. Even if there is a broader policy release, it is estimated that it will wait until the end of 2011 or 2012

during the pilot period of this half year, the change of the competition pattern of the three operators caused by the number carrying transfer will also affect the introduction and trade-offs of subsequent policies of regulators. In the case that it is impossible to predict the impact of the number carrying transfer on the market, the idea of the regulators is to slowly release through the pilot, so as to determine the future policy

carrying numbers gives customers more choices, which is a challenge for all operators. If it is opened nationwide, operators should pay more attention to service level and network quality instead of tariffs and prices. China

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