How to prolong the service life of rolling bearing

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How to prolong the service life of rolling bearings

in actual production, the length of the service life of the fixed bearings used by mechanical equipment, which makes China the largest production base of energy-saving lamps in the world, is directly related to the normal use of mechanical equipment and the normal progress of production. Although bearings are selected according to different service environments and conditions, many bearings fail due to damage when they are far from reaching the design life. The failure of bearings in production will produce violent vibration and noise, but also damage the relevant parts, and finally cause a series of adverse effects. The failure forms of rolling bearings mainly include the following: fatigue pitting corrosion, excessive permanent deformation and wear, gluing, inner and outer ring fracture, rolling element crushing, cage wear and fracture, most of which are bead frame damage, bead drop, and serious outer ring wear

in addition, there is the fracture of the inner race, because under the same load, the contact area of the inner race is larger than that of the outer race. At the contact point, the pressure on the inner race is larger than that of the outer race, which will cause the inner race to begin to fail. Therefore, studying the inner ring failure and finding the corresponding solution is an effective way to prolong the service life of rolling bearings. In addition, the study of bearing noise, torque, radial runout, pollution prevention, thermal expansion and other issues is also an important factor related to the life of zhouxihu bearing

1 causes premature failure of bearing processing properties such as color, texture, light weight, nailable, sawable, drillable, planed, paintable, etc.

causes premature failure of bearings are various, but the main reasons are improper use and maintenance, improper lubrication, poor lubrication, pollution overload, impact and impact during assembly, transportation, and disassembly. The pollution is caused by man-made factors, such as the disassembly tools are not cleaned carefully

pitting corrosion is the most typical bearing failure form, which is mainly caused by frequent impact and incorrect assembly of the bearing during handling, which will cause indentation in the raceway. When the raceway is indented. Each time the rolling body passes through an indentation, it produces an impact, which has a rolling effect on the indentation. When the load increases, the rolling pressure increases. In the cycle of motion, flake spalling occurs at the indentation, and the vibration increases, resulting in increased noise

in addition, when there is an external load on the bearing and it does not rotate, the external vibration will cause indentation on the inner and outer race raceways of the bearing, and a long time will cause the raceways to peel off, and the peeling debris is more harmful to the bearing. In order to prevent these accidents, in daily work, effective methods can be adopted to eliminate the vibration source and vibration, maintain good lubrication, and also apply a slight initial load to the bearing, Make the rolling element in good contact with the rolling element, improve the anti-seismic ability, and the different axial degrees with the hole during installation will also cause the failure of the bearing

it is a high-end elastomer material

in actual work, due to poor lubrication or excessive overload work, excessive friction and high heat will soften the bearing steel, cause the bearing volume to expand and increase the mutual extrusion pressure. When it reaches a certain degree, the bearing will be locked on the shaft. When the bearing overheats, the gap between the rolling volume and the retaining bracket becomes smaller, and the resulting stress is concentrated on the cage. With the extension of time, the cage will also break, thus accelerating the failure speed of the bearing

the influence of fitting clearance: the clearance between shafts is too large, and there is relative movement between them. First, the excessive wear clearance of the fitting shaft section is getting larger and larger, which finally leads to the scrapping of the bearing; second, the bearing has cracks, which affects the accuracy of movement. The premature failure of bearings caused by these reasons is detrimental to our actual work. Therefore, it is of great practical value to study how to avoid premature failure of bearings and prolong their service life

2 how to avoid premature failure of bearings

the most effective way to prevent premature failure of bearings is to try to avoid the various factors analyzed above and the conditions that contribute to these factors: first, when selecting bearings before use, consider the size of noise, rigidity, radial cracks of bearings, rotating torque, etc. The choice of lubricating oil, according to the working environment of the bearing, different lubricating media produce different noises in use. For example, grease lubrication is much more noisy than oil lubrication, and good lubrication is the primary condition for prolonging the service life of bearings. Proper lubrication can not only improve the stability and accuracy of movement, but also absorb vibration and buffer and reduce wear. However, in the actual work, the pollution of bearings and lubrication season is inevitable. The most commonly used is that the relative movement of the protective cover cannot completely prevent the invasion of dust and dirt. However, the relative movement of the inner and outer rings cannot be completed, and the performance can be stable and reliable to prevent the pollution of the bearing. Once the bearing is polluted, the lubricant will become a source of noise, and the bearing will overheat due to poor lubrication, which will eventually lead to locking. Therefore, the lubricant is not clean. When the bearing is rotating, the lubricant will contact the raceway surface and corrode the surface over time

reasonable assembly is also very important for bearing premature failure and prolonging service life. There are obvious differences between domestic and imported bearings of the same type used in machinery and equipment, mainly because the materials and their processing accuracy are also inseparable from unreasonable assembly. Whether the assembly method is correct or not is directly related to whether the appropriate clearance can be guaranteed. If the assembly and disassembly are not correct, the indentation will be formed on the raceway at a light level, and the bearing will be scrapped at a heavy level. If the clearance is too small, the additional torque of the bearing will increase. The increase of angular displacement between the bearing centerline and the bearing hole centerline will inevitably deteriorate the working state of the bearing, which should be avoided as far as possible

when the bearing is overloaded, fatigue will also occur as soon as possible. If the cause of damage is overload, try to choose bearings with large bearing capacity during installation and design, and maintain and update them in time according to the design requirements

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