How to promote market promotion through CRM Strate

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How to promote market promotion through CRM strategy

carry out market promotion through CRM strategy, including the following three parts

1 implement customer loyalty information system, carry out efficient customer information management analysis, and carry out matching customer promotion and supplier management cooperation

first, collect customer information and design all links of communication with customers, so as to achieve the corresponding purpose

for example, the membership card system is the core process of loyalty marketing management in the retail industry. First, let customers be willing to apply for membership cards (you can inquire, apply and provide relevant services through the store counter, call center and company Station); Then collect relevant customer information, including family, work and personal information; Then encourage consumers to use their membership cards when purchasing through POS; Through a certain period of time, upload POS sales data to CRM business intelligence for data modeling and correlation analysis, and generate different types of customer groups; Understand the behavior of customer groups, design corresponding product strategies, and design different marketing activities according to the characteristics of customer groups; Execute marketing

secondly, it includes customer segmentation, multi-dimensional feature analysis, customer behavior analysis, modeling and data mining, from which we can formulate and implement customer loyalty plans, membership rules of customer loyalty clubs, and business process specifications of member services

customer segmentation the attribute description of each customer includes multiple fields such as address, age, gender, certificate number, income, occupation and education. CRM must be able to support the combinatorial analysis of multi-dimensional features, and quickly give the list and number of customers who meet the analysis conditions in massive data, so as to carry out purposeful promotional activities

for example, in the retail industry, the first step is to understand whether there is an obvious correlation between the frequency of customers' purchases, the frequency of purchases, and the amount of each consumption. It can quickly query the large amount of data in Telecom retail

multi dimensional analysis and relevance query of customers can promote the understanding of consumption behavior patterns of different customer groups, so as to carry out matching promotion activities, such as the consumption grade and favorite promotion activities of income customers. The replacement frequency of customers of yuan income level, etc.

finally, while establishing a customer loyalty plan, we should establish strategies to attract partners to participate in and cooperate in the design of customer loyalty process

especially for retail industry, this is very important. Let consumer goods suppliers participate from the beginning, and turn customer relationship management into a two-way channel for customers. This is very important for partners, so that suppliers can understand the terminal performance of products, and valuable information of retail enterprises can be used by consumer goods suppliers to understand customers, adjust marketing policies, and do a good job in products and 2 The liquidation of material management aims to readjust the complete price allocation and ensure that the goods from consumer goods suppliers meet the needs of customers. And it can share the cost of the introduction and implementation of the retailer's CRM system

in a word, we should attract customers to provide their information to enterprises, attract them to join and use loyalty programs, and they will get lower prices and more suitable promotional activities, and get new products that better meet their needs. This will promote the promotion of our new products

2 effective operation and management of customer service center (call system) and interconnected e-commerce, carry out unified and efficient marketing activities with multiple contact points

-- provide services to customers, such as after-sales problems, promotional information, including and integrated with stations, mailboxes, etc., and deal with customers' consulting transactions and other service needs in a unified manner. The response to customers is more efficient, fast and unified. For example, set up a FAQ library and industry classic case summary to support customer service

-- take advantage of the interactive customer care of the call center and pay attention to the management of workflow. Such as phased management of sales, layered management of agents, management of employees, reply management of service requests, etc. Note that the service center should be integrated and unified with the customer information of other contact points, be able to identify and distinguish customers in time, conduct relevant queries, and provide different services to different customer groups

for example, all the data of the communication retail industry can be sorted into multiple data blocks, and different business departments can query, such as account opening, payment, terminal product sales, value-added services, maintenance, etc., so as to provide different services to customers of different departments, and provide various departments with analysis for their own business and improve marketing and service strategies

-- efficiently provide customer service and follow-up, provide relevant services and distribute promotional materials, including the following aspects:

customer letters, emails, processing

customer data maintenance and cleaning (including the entry of application forms, the verification and update of customer data, etc.)

the distribution and delivery of rewards such as customer membership cards, welcome letters, points notices and member newsletters

implement customer care and personalized email, Send birthday cards, provide new products and promotional messages

- about customer service content: online communication, complaints, receiving customer suggestions, tracking complaints, conducting online investigations, establishing forums, submitting online inquiries, and booking orders and services

for example, the retail industry can capture the information that customers require services on the page in real time, and then the service personnel can provide services to customers through reply, IP, email and other ways, and customize personalized pages, shopping files, and demand knowledge for page browsers according to customers' preferences; Make an appointment to order and then carry out the transaction

for example, in the communications retail industry, new models and inventory machines can be auctioned, and second-hand hands can be carried out in the forum according to customer requirements ◆ pure aluminum fin evaporator machine trading and other activities can be adopted to facilitate customers and promote the sales of new products at the same time

3. Comprehensive and systematic management of marketing and efficient marketing

- Market Research and marketing data analysis

can be used in targeted consumer behavior surveys to understand various customer needs. Price optimization and comparative optimization of various marketing inputs such as media can also be carried out

for example, according to the model data, the CRM system aims to achieve the highest profit and provides suggestions on price optimization policies. By inputting the test data of the sampling survey, the system can determine the best market activity mode and obtain the best market activity effect at the lowest cost according to the feedback rate of the call, the feedback rate of the direct mail, the advertising feedback rate of the television newspaper station, the feedback rate of the roadshow Tour and other data

- marketing activity budget

crm system can save and track the budget related to marketing activities, establish data models, and magnetic core material tensile testing machine is widely used in the R & D and production of high molecular materials. Enterprises analyze the sales profit of various products, analyze cross sales and related sales, and predict the consumption of different customer groups, so as to carry out effective marketing activity budget

- marketing and promotional activities plan

plan, implement, realize and analyze direct marketing activities, provide different promotion modes according to different customers, and promote for effective customers. Support the creation and update of marketing activities. Marketing information includes: activity description, activity source, sales data, market status, total cost budget, marketing objectives and market segmentation of marketing activities, design emails required for marketing activities, call center scripts, and standard marketing dialogues

for example, when the retail industry carries out market activities, it can obtain the emails and lists of target customers from the database, design the market survey questionnaire, formulate the marketing dialogue of design standards for the salesperson, list the promotion list, select customers according to the predefined customer characteristics, and automatically add them to the promotion activities. Such promotion is centralized and efficient through various cross contact points, such as storefront, call center, email Station, etc. After the event, the response information of customers to the promotion activities is fed back to the customer database. As the basis for the next promotion

- execute marketing activities

automatically execute marketing activities with customized workflow. Marketing activities can be implemented through face-to-face store activities, direct mail, e-mail, customer self-service station portal, call center, and multi-channel feedback/response, such as, mail, station, etc. Customers can be selected from past promotion results and automatically added to the list of marketing activities

crm system carries out sales statistics, order processing, provides powerful price and discount management, supports the access of POS system of on-site sales and mobile communication equipment or handheld computer equipment (PDA) of maintenance personnel, tracks sales activities, carries out sales plan evaluation and sales cost control

- analyze marketing activities

you can obtain data from various channels such as sales departments, call centers, stations, analyze them, and output various reports that reflect the feedback results of marketing activities. Conduct quantitative marketing analysis

for example, the Sales Department of the retail industry establishes an interface with the logistics system to get a seamless link of data, and carries out query statistics or combined query statistics according to brand, model, price, store and other parameters, so as to conduct a comprehensive sales analysis. Conduct performance appraisal on sales personnel and store salesmen

- marketing activity feedback

import the customer feedback information obtained from different channels into CRM, and maintain the customer list of corresponding marketing activity materials. And make further analysis as the promotion list of further promotion activities, and easily use all the feedback data of marketing activities

in short, in the highly competitive market promotion activities, we can establish competitive advantages with perfect CRM concepts, strategies and functions. Identifying effective customers, developing and maintaining customers, and giving targeted care and incentives to target customers can improve customer loyalty; CRM assists in customer data analysis and efficient database marketing, and carries out a series of marketing activities such as market research, budget, marketing plan, implementation, analysis and feedback, so as to effectively promote market promotion and achieve sales goals. (end)

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