How to promote the transformation and upgrading of

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How to promote the transformation and upgrading of smart home industry

"with the development of intelligent terminals, Internet technology, communication technology and the upgrading of the service industry, the smart home industry has developed rapidly in China. In the new service driven development process, it is bound to bring a series of profound changes in service concept, service system and mechanism, service mode, service content, and even industry service mode in 2018." On December 14, at the first China smart home service development summit hosted by China electronic video industry association, Hao Yabin, vice president and Secretary General of China electronic video industry association, said

"smart family" is regarded as the next "blue ocean". China's "smart home" market is developing rapidly, and new products, new technologies and new applications are emerging. The related "smart home" service industry is also gradually growing, attracting many e-commerce, channel merchants, traditional production enterprises, as well as social service providers and social capital to participate in the competition. A situation of competition is taking shape. The summit focused on the topic of how to do a good job in the "smart home" service in the new era of rapid development of Internet, and jointly initiated the establishment of the "smart home service branch of China electronic video industry association" with more than 50 enterprises to jointly build a national "smart home" service Industry joint organization through strong alliance. The conference also released China's first white paper on the development of smart family services

jointly promote the transformation and upgrading of smart home industry

members of the smart home service branch cover excellent enterprises in the fields of home appliance enterprises, circulation enterprises, technology solutions providers, third-party service providers, value-added service providers, research institutions and so on. They are representative and influential industry organizations in the smart home service industry, and will play a great role in promoting the smart home industry, It will play a positive leading role in the transformation and upgrading of the service industry. The establishment of the branch will open a new journey for the transformation of smart families and the service industry

at the summit, participants expressed their views on how to do a good job in "smart family services". Lin Runquan, a researcher at the policy research center of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, pointed out that the "smart home" industry has been identified as a strategic emerging industry by the state. Vigorously developing this industry is of great significance for promoting the "three convergence", smart cities, and smart experimental boxes that need to be equipped with automatic curve recording devices, program controller communities, and information to benefit the people; Yin Zhanjiang, executive deputy general manager and user service director of Skyworth Group's marketing headquarters in China, pointed out that a "people-oriented" smart home service system should be built. Services are products that rely on people to complete. The core of products is people, user satisfaction is the result, and products are naturally satisfied with users; Ren Lin, marketing director of Sichuan kuaidian electric appliance service chain Co., Ltd., said that home appliance manufacturers form alliances to participate in cooperation and provide 100% of product service resources, which can create an alliance type smart home service platform, establish a high-quality professional service team, reshape the ability of sensory service and housekeeper service, and highlight the brand value of platform services; Wu Lei, deputy general manager of TCL smart home, believes that the household user and consumer data of home appliance manufacturers, combined with the user models of Internet platforms and real estate developers, will jointly establish a data mining and analysis system. In the industrial adjustment and transformation, we must tap and utilize the support of big data, which is conducive to precision marketing; Fengxiaoxi, Executive Deputy Secretary General of China Electronics and video industry association, proposed to comply with the trend of industrial development and vigorously promote the development of "smart home service industry"; Qingdao Haier multimedia Co., Ltd. global quality additives are products with small consumption and large effect. Liujunken, director of product volume and service, said that under the wave of smart families, innovation and development of new service models are needed; Mr. Huang Wei, research director of ovicloud business division, delivered a speech and put forward his own views and predictions on the development trend of China's smart home service industry

the first white paper on the development of smart home services in China was released

according to orvey cloud, the global market size of "smart home" will reach US $71billion in 2018, of which the Chinese market accounts for 32%. China's "smart family" has a huge market of more than 140 billion yuan. "Smart home" integrates technologies such as interconnection, computing processing, network communication, sensing and control. In the future, it will be closely related to all aspects of people's lives such as energy, medical treatment, security and education. Therefore, customer experience determines that service plays a very important role in "smart home". This service is far beyond traditional household appliance services, but the specific details are still under discussion, It is a broader service including front-end application services

how to build the "smart home" service industry is the focus of the government and enterprises, which determines the direction and speed of the development of China's "smart home" industry, and is also the key for enterprises to seize the development opportunity to expand market share and improve economic benefits. In this context, the first white paper on the development of smart home services in China was born. Based on years of research and project practical experience, the compilation unit combed the importance, development status and problems, industry weaknesses and framework schemes of the service industry in the field of "smart home", aiming to help governments, enterprises and institutions better understand the "smart home" service industry from the perspective of value, and transform and upgrade the traditional home appliance service industry, Now that the "smart home" service industry is standardized and platformized, we should seize the development opportunity

at the same time, the conference also held a commendation ceremony for advanced enterprises and individuals in the electronic video service industry, and solemnly commended outstanding enterprises and advanced individuals that have contributed to the development of China's electronic video service industry in the past decade

on the one hand, we should commend them for their positive contributions to the development of the industry over the years, vigorously carry forward their dedication and dedication, and more importantly, we should appeal to the whole society to vigorously improve the value of services and the status of service practitioners

Mr. haoyabin, vice president and Secretary General of China Electronics and video industry association, hopes to create a comprehensive service system through this meeting. The branch will take service as its purpose in the future. On the one hand, it will effectively safeguard the interests of the industry and enterprises, on the other hand, it will actively expand industry application space and enhance industry status, and actively expand entertainment information, health care, interactive education, home appliance housekeeper, security and remote control, smart home and energy conservation Community services and other applications. At the same time, smart home applications and services will continue to generate new consumer demand, thereby promoting technological innovation. Innovative technologies and products provide a better foundation for the further improvement and expansion of smart home applications and services. The branch will actively strengthen cooperation with all links of the smart home industry chain, strive to build a collaborative and win-win smart home service ecosystem, and make due contributions to promoting the healthy and sustainable development of the smart home industry

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