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How to protect the safety of the tip of the tongue if the standard of food contact materials is raised again

as an important part of food safety, food contact materials are closely related to food safety. At the end of 2016, the national health and Family Planning Commission issued 53 series of national food safety standards for food contact materials and products, in addition to the national food safety standard, the standard for the use of additives for food contact materials and products (GB) and the national food safety standard, general safety requirements for food contact materials and products (gb4806) Except for the implementation date of the two standards on October 19, 2017, other standards have been implemented since April 19, 2017

the new standard system covers raw and auxiliary materials, production management, product testing and other links, which will have a great impact on related industries. There are many materials involved in household appliances, and the production process has a great impact on the safety of materials. Under the new national standard, how should food contact household appliance enterprises cope with the challenges

home appliance products involve many materials, so that they can meet the requirements of the export market as soon as possible. The production process has a great impact on the safety of materials.

at the "third CPRJ home appliance/3c electronic plastic technology forum and Exhibition" to be opened on September 21, Mr. Zhong Huaining, director of the National Key Laboratory for food contact materials testing (Guangdong) and the Guangdong Inspection and Quarantine Technology Center, will share and discuss this topic. But degradable high molecular materials and devices do not have these shortcomings. Specifically speaking, recently, CPRJ China plastic and rubber specially invited Mr. Zhong Huaining to conduct an exclusive interview as a "warm-up" before the meeting to talk about the challenges and Countermeasures of food contact with household appliances under the new national standard

major changes and characteristics of the new national standard

the mandatory standard upgrade for food contact products covers many categories, and the content changes greatly. Zhonghuaining believes that there are four main characteristics: first, it is systematic. The standards are composed of framework standards, product standards, production and health specifications and testing standards. The standards are hierarchical, reasonable in structure and coordinated with each other; Second, it covers a wide range of areas. The standards strengthen the compliance and safety management of food contact materials from the perspective of supply chain, covering many direct and indirect contact materials and products such as plastics, plastic resins, ceramics, glass, metals, paper products, coatings, rubber, pacifiers, etc., and effectively solve the problem of the lack of standards for some materials and products. Some standards are also formulated for the first time in the world; Third, the content of the standard is scientific and reasonable. The new experimental software works under the Chinese and English environment of windows. The national standard formulates relevant normative requirements and limiting indicators based on risk assessment. The detection standards and migration test conditions also objectively reflect the expected use of materials or products as much as possible. The standard is more scientific and operable; Fourth, the restrictive requirements are more stringent. On the basis of retaining some traditional physical and chemical indicators, physical and chemical and microbial restrictive indicators such as specific migration volume, specific migration total amount, residue and so on are added, and the limit requirements are further tightened. In addition, the requirements of compliance statement and identification label are also added, so as to give consumers a higher level of protection

household appliance enterprises are facing the test of safety standards

with the increase of per capita income of domestic residents and the improvement of consumption level, the demand for all kinds of small household appliances is rising. According to market monitoring data, the sales of small household appliances in 2016 increased by nearly 12% year-on-year. With the growth of small household appliances market, the safety of plastic and other parts used in kitchen appliances has attracted more and more attention

Zhong Huaining introduced that the new national standard covers household appliances expected to be used to contact or process food, such as rice cookers, microwave ovens, coffee machines, electric heating kettles, soymilk machines, ovens and food processing equipment. Relevant household appliance enterprises need to ensure that the chemicals and raw materials used, such as monomers, initiators, additives, inks, adhesives, plastic resins, silicone rubber and inorganic materials, meet the requirements of the new national standard

how should household appliance enterprises cope with the challenges of the new national standard, Zhong Huaining put forward four suggestions: "first, it is necessary to ensure that upstream suppliers use the chemical substances and raw materials approved by relevant standards or the announcement of the health and Family Planning Commission to produce materials and products; second, it is necessary to ensure that the upstream transmits the declaration of conformity and supporting supporting documents to the downstream; third, it is necessary to ensure that the finished products meet the normative requirements of product standards and framework standards; fourth, production should meet the requirements of gb31603 good manufacturing and hygiene practices."

How can material enterprises cope well

while improving the quality level of household appliances, higher requirements are also put forward for upstream material enterprises, which should also be prepared accordingly. Zhong Huaining said: "First, we should strengthen learning, understand and master the requirements of the new national standard for raw materials, and use approved substances and materials; second, we should strengthen production quality management and traceability management to ensure compliance with the requirements of the new national standard for good production practices and information traceability; third, we should strengthen the management and communication of suppliers, obtain the specification compliance statement and supporting supporting documents provided by the upstream, and transmit the specification compliance statement and support to the downstream Supporting documents; Fourth, cooperate with downstream users and technical institutions to do a good job in material compliance management. "

product testing needs to be standardized

in product testing, different people or law enforcement agencies have different understandings of the use of products, which may lead to inconsistent test results. Zhong Huaining said: "The first is to strengthen the standard training and publicity, improve the employees' understanding of the standard, standardize the testing procedures of different institutions, and avoid the inconsistency of results caused by different understanding of the standard and different operations; the second is to formulate guiding documents and update them regularly, respond to new situations and problems, and guide the employees to carry out the testing work in a standardized manner; the third is to strengthen the development and application of new methods and technologies, and improve the effectiveness and stability of the testing work Qualitative and accurate. "

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