How to quickly cultivate domestic instrument brand

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How can domestic instrument brands quickly cultivate user groups by controlling costs with softness?

Abstract: some domestic well-known brands are slowly blooming internationally as industry leaders, and firmly occupy an unshakable leadership position. Alibaba in the e-commerce Kingdom, Vanke and Huawei in the real estate industry In the instrument industry, spotlight technology and Tianrui instruments are becoming well deserved leading representatives of domestic instrument brands

water can carry a boat and overturn it. In the era of big data and the rapid spread of "Internet +", users seem to have become "a must for all kinds of soldiers", and are wantonly "sought after" in all walks of life, such as service industry, construction industry, consumer goods. By analogy, in the dazzling and increasingly competitive instrument industry, how should domestic brands plan strategies and ferry safely in order to seek a place to survive? It is a problem worth thinking deeply

like a high-speed aircraft carrier, China's economy is advancing at a high speed, its scientific and technological soft power is doubling day by day, and the market demand is unprecedented. Some domestic well-known brands are slowly blooming in the international arena as industry leaders, and firmly occupy an unshakable leading position. Alibaba, the e-commerce Kingdom, Vanke, Huawei, the real estate industry... In the instrument industry, spotlight technology and Tianrui instruments are becoming well deserved leading representatives of domestic instrument brands.

it is interesting to hear such a story recently, which once created a myth in China's food industry The sales volume of instant noodles of "Master Kang" brand in 2017 decreased by 1.3 billion barrels compared with that in 2015. What did Master Kang do wrong? The answer is that "Master Kong" fighting in the cracks of the market is better and more diligent than before. However, the emergence of takeout and the "mushrooming" rise have an almost devastating impact on the "Master Kong" brand

nothing is immortal. Under the market economy, users are the life of products. Keeping pace with the times to meet the needs of users is the fundamental for products to survive. In the field of instruments and meters, the high cost once stopped many instrument participants and followers. However, the high cost is still the main factor for brands that insist on it. Whether the users' experimental conditions meet the working conditions of the experimental machine; The so-called experimental working conditions, including ambient temperature, humidity, magnetic field, voltage, and stable foundation, will you buy it? The total cost exceeds the total cost of revenue, and the profit space is squeezed to the limit has been a hot topic

accumulating user groups from stable sources and cultivating user groups have become one of the ways to effectively improve performance and revenue when costs are incurred. How to find, how to maintain, and how to expand the user base, is the domestic publishing industry has been launched for 7 consecutive years 3? 15. Publishing product quality supervision and testing special activities, and constantly exploring the problems of instrument brands

first of all, at the time of instrument research and development, investigate the urgent demands of market users and make full use of professional events in the industry. Take international events such as Beijing Science and Instrument Exhibition, Guangzhou analysis and testing exhibition, Beijing analysis and testing exhibition, Munich exhibition and authoritative academic conferences such as analytical instrument academic annual meeting as examples, get familiar with the most advanced technology and achievement transformation at home and abroad at the first time, and focus on the urgent problems in the market. Learn, invest in product research and development with the help of the most forward-looking technology in the industry, pay attention to new technologies and ideas, and make the products extremely applicable to the market, and make practical contact with customers, so that the instrument brand can win the favor of users in the changing market

in addition to benefiting users at the technical level, it is also very necessary to pay attention to product sales. In a professional and scientific role, the seller deeply understands the all-round and multi-level needs of customers, makes appropriate product purchase plans for instrument users, tries to let users buy the right products in the first cooperation, and makes users experience customized services, which is the indispensable key to achieving "twice the result with half the effort" in marketing; At the same time, putting the improvement of after-sales service quality on the same important position and solving the diversification problems in the use of instruments in a timely and efficient manner are also the next powerful chips for domestic instrument brands to accumulate customers

in fact, how to transform the "endless" choice entanglement between domestic instruments and imported instruments is what domestic instrument brands need to pay attention to in the process of continuously cultivating customers. Look at domestic instruments rationally, be familiar with the existing problems of domestic instruments, and affirm that it is urgent to show the leading technology and high-tech achievements of domestic instruments in the field of spectrum, which has raised 1.57 million pounds (1 pound, about 1.40 US dollars) through crowdfunding activities. The frequent release of dividends in the procurement policy of the state is the best proof of the unique market environment of domestic instruments. Choosing a more professional person in charge of instrument procurement and paying attention to the reasonable control of instrument performance, matching with laboratory needs, and cost may create more opportunities for domestic instruments in the procurement market

the rise of domestic instrument brand strength plays a decisive engine role in the lasting prosperity of scientific instrument industry. How to cultivate and expand the group of instrument users has become an urgent problem to be solved and broken through in this process. Standing at the foot and looking forward to the future, if domestic instrument brands want to win the helm in the instrument industry, they obviously cannot do without in-depth and continuous exploration of the demands of market users and reasonable control of investment costs

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