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How to do a good job in customer service of embedded storage

the reliance on service among IT enterprises is the consensus of the whole industry. It is the embodiment of the comprehensive strength of IT enterprises and a new profit growth point in the IT market. Since the beginning of the 21st century, great changes have taken place in customers' demand for embedded products, which not only requires superior performance, energy conservation, consumption reduction, convenience and user-friendly design of embedded products, but also emphasizes the service of products, that is, starting from the customer's product plan, demand service, design, verification, integration, and providing corresponding services at each stage

with the development of technology, the specifications of today's embedded products are not very different. The difference between nearly the same product specifications is the part of different specifications of CPU efficiency or serial port. Up to now, traditional embedded products need not only basic design services and software services, but also embedded core services

embedded core services are provided by jintaike technicians with their technical expertise to help customers sort out and diagnose the whole chain from the perspective of technology and management, identify product and compatibility problems, find deficiencies, help partners effectively improve technology and management capabilities, and finally improve the use effect of products. In the future, embedded 4. The test software of electronic universal laboratory machine can realize the fierce competition of enterprises with multiple control modes. In the service arena, jintaike will launch embedded core services for embedded developers to break through the siege with customer-oriented, accurate and characteristic service projects

provide product solutions according to customer needs

jintaike launched customized product development service solutions for customers and applications in specific industries. Through customized solutions, jintaike will provide you with more stable, cost-effective and value-added product solutions. If customers have demand for billing services, jintaike will also strive for more flexible payment time for customers to ensure smooth capital turnover

to ensure product quality, from technical support to following the line, a menu setting can not be changed into reverse display.

all the technical personnel of jintaike are the personnel who have passed the company's long-term systematic technical training, have undergone practical training in the factory, and finally passed the technical certification of the company's expert team. Jintaike assigns all these professional technicians to the agent areas to provide instant response services, which can help customers sort out and identify the shortcomings or problems in different links of product installation and use in an all-round and fast way. Adhering to the service standards of all-round, high-quality and fast speed, we will feed back the product information that customers need to be certified at the first time, and will also provide customers with product platform certification support services

give people who improve business value a win-win situation for both sides

while helping customers solve problems and difficulties, jintaike's technical personnel will also carry out product trial production and follow-up services, as well as the training of relevant technical personnel on the customer side. The system will test whether the products comply with the subsequent mass production, improve the quality of goods, provide ODM services for customers, and make the products more suitable for the target market

from complete pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales technical support to the overall guarantee of the whole supply chain link, from individualized and scattered technical services to complete supporting technical design schemes to series design guidance, jintaike embodies customer-oriented and practical customer-oriented in every link, but the gratifying thing is the service spirit of solving practical problems, guiding customers to a more reliable and stable product quality road. It is easy to see that only enterprises that achieve win-win and common development with customers, win customers' trust with quality and win the market with innovative services can lead the development of the industry

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