How to protect the suspended operation during the

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How to protect the suspended operation when supporting and removing the formwork

(1) supporting and dismantling the formwork shall be carried out in accordance with the specified operating procedures. Before the formwork supported by the previous process is fixed, the next process shall not be carried out. It is strictly forbidden to climb up and down on the connectors and supports, and it is strictly forbidden to install on the same vertical surface up and down, and to unload the formwork in order to reduce the iron content in the molten aluminum from the source. The formwork with complex structure shall be installed and removed in strict accordance with the measures of construction organization design

take down the sample (2) set up the column formwork with a height of more than 3m, set diagonal braces around it, and set up an operation platform. Horse stool can be used to operate materials lower than 3m when bearing tensile load

(3) the formwork erected in the cantilever state should have a stable foothold. Supports or scaffolds shall be erected for the formwork of overhead structures. There are reserved holes on the formwork surface, which should be covered after installation. The edges or openings formed after formwork removal on the concrete slab shall be protected according to relevant measures

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(4) formwork removal and high-altitude operation should be equipped with climbing appliances or supports

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