How to purchase packing belts

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How to purchase packing belts

when purchasing packing belts, many people focus on weight and price, which is actually wrong. The correct idea should be to compare length, quality, price and after-sales service. So don't just focus on weight. The most important thing is quality, length and after-sales service. Let's try to compare the following two belts, and you can clearly understand

(figure a) cored belt (Figure b) aimejie conventional machine packing belt

(figure a) cored belt (Figure b) aimejie conventional machine packing belt

[a belt is cored belt] the belt weighs 8 kg, the core weighs 2 kg, a total weight of 10 kg, the length is 500 meters, and the price is 40 yuan/roll. The price quoted by weight will be 40 yuan and 10 kilograms, that is, 4 yuan per kilogram. But if you try to calculate it by length (40500 = 0.08), you can get that the price per meter is 8 cents

[type B belt is PP packing belt (aimejie conventional machine packing belt)] the belt weighs 6.6kg, the core weighs 1.4kg, a total of 8kg, and the length is 1000m. It sells for 65 yuan/roll. The price quoted by weight will be 65 yuan and 8 kilograms, that is, 8.125 yuan per kilogram. However, if you try to calculate it by length (651000 = 0.065), you can get that the price per meter is 6.5 cents

from the above calculation and analysis, you can see that if you only focus on the weight price ratio, you are very easy to be misled into thinking that the use efficiency of model a is higher. But as long as we look at the length price ratio, we can see that model B is more efficient than model a. assuming that one box of goods can be packed per meter, only one roll of model B belt is needed to pack 1000 boxes, and the cost is 65 yuan; If you use a belt, you need to use two rolls, which is not worth the loss. The cost is 80 yuan, which is nearly 20% expensive

in addition to considering the length price ratio, the supplier's technical support and after-sales service should also be paid attention to when purchasing packaging belts. I believe that most factories 6. If the labels on the equipment are not clear, there will be no backup packer at home. Just imagine that you are going to ship tomorrow, and the packer suddenly breaks down, and worse, the warranty period has expired. At this time, if your packing belt supplier can provide timely maintenance or opportunity services, it can help you ship smoothly and provide maximum guarantee for production and shipment

through the above comparison, Wuhan aimeijie company kindly reminds buyers of two points:

use the length price ratio to calculate which model has the greatest benefit, of course, we should also pay attention to whether the tension is appropriate; Try to choose suppliers who provide technical support and after-sales service. With many years of experience in plastic packaging products, Wuhan aimeijie has developed various types of high, medium and low-grade packaging belts that are most suitable for the market, including PP packaging belts, pet plastic steel packaging belts, strapping ropes and other plastic packaging products, to meet the choice of customers with different investment scales

research shows that sometimes in order to reduce the weight of sound, nonferrous metals such as aluminum alloy and special metals are also used:

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