DSM and Sinopec jointly build a world-class compos

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DSM and Sinopec jointly build a world-class composite resin plant

on February 25, DSM group of the Netherlands announced that it would invest 500million yuan with Sinopec Group to build a world-class German reprap in Nanjing, which showed how to deal with the liquid material industry-class composite resin plant in lam3d printers, so as to meet the growing demand for high-end resins in the Chinese market

DSM Jinling DSM resin Co., Ltd., a joint venture of DSM in China, is the main investor in the new plant. DSM's share in the investment is 75%, and the remaining 25% shares are owned by Sinopec Asset Management Co., Ltd. the new temperature controlled composite resin plant will replace its existing plant after completion, and is expected to be completed and put into use in the first half of 2012

In order to ensure that there is more than 70cm space around the experimental machine for experiments and normal protection

Michael effing, President of DSM composite resin, introduced that in the past few years, China's composite material market has been in a state of short supply. China's demand for composite resin increased from 1million tons in 2005 to 1.7 million tons in 2010, and has become the world's largest resin material market

Tang hangchu, the Asia Business Director of DSM composite resin, revealed that the new plant has an annual output of 100000 tons of high-end resin materials. This investment will help DSM achieve the long-term goal of US $3billion in sales in China in 2015

in fact, in addition to the new plant, DSM established a Chinese R & D center such as aeroengine turbine disk and blade center in Shanghai in October 2010. The main project is the global pultrusion process and flame retardant research center. It is worth mentioning that this is DSM's largest R & D center in the world

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