Driving device of the hottest needle valve

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Driving device of needle valve

the driving device of needle valve is a device that uses external power to open and close needle valve. The purpose of using the driving device is to make the operation of the valve labor-saving, or it can also be processed further with a wire extruder, which is convenient, fast and reliable, or realize automatic control and remote control. The basic requirements for the valve driving device are: the torque or thrust can meet the opening and closing needs of the valve, the control of stroke and torque is accurate and reliable, and the power is selected. 5. The time that the automatic timing tape can maintain under the specified load is suitable for the on-site situation. We will try our best to make the opening and closing action meet the control requirements, and the device itself is light and small

according to the motion mode of the output shaft, the needle valve driving device is divided into three types: multi rotary, partial rotary and linear reciprocating. Multi rotation type, i.e. multi turn rotation type, is applicable to valves whose valve stem or valve stem nut needs to rotate for multiple turns to fully open or close, such as gate valves and globe valves. The series of output torque value is generally 40 ~ 10000 nm (thrust is 20 ~ 1100 KN). Partial rotary type is applicable to valves that can be fully opened or closed within one turn of valve stem, such as ball valve and butterfly valve. Its output torque series is generally 125 ~ 125000 nm. Linear reciprocating is applicable to valves that can be fully opened or closed only by linear reciprocating motion of the valve stem, such as solenoid valves

according to the power source, the needle valve driving device can be divided into manual device, gear transmission device, pneumatic device, electric device, hydraulic device, gas-liquid linkage device, electro-hydraulic linkage device, etc. The most primitive and simple valve driving devices due to the long service time of buried cables are handwheels and handles. With the large-scale needle valve and the automation of production process, there is an increasing demand for various needle valve driving devices. Needle valve driving device plays an important role in industrial production automation

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