Driverless tractors are ready to emerge in the hot

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Driverless tractors are ready to emerge in the intelligent era

factors such as the aging population, a large number of rural labor forces going out to work and the insufficient level of food self-sufficiency are driving Japanese Agricultural Machinery giants to build driverless tractors. The first generation of Japanese "robot tractors" is expected to start selling next year. This kind of tractor is encouraged by the Japanese cabinet office and is also regarded as one of the ways to prevent the extinction of Japanese agriculture

it is reported that the cost of this technology is 5% higher than that of ordinary tractors, including ready-made waste treatment and processing plants and recycling technology. It aims to improve the effective manpower of Japanese farmland. At first, this kind of "robot tractor" will need to work together with a manned tractor, so that the driverless machine can get emergency intervention in case of problems. However, with the improvement of artificial intelligence, tracking and safety technology, more driverless tractors will be put into use in Hokkaido and Kyushu islands, where labor is scarce but the terrain is open

Kono Hangxi of the advanced technology Engineering Department of Jingguan Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. said that it is obvious that Japan is in great need of automatic machinery and equipment for cultivation. He said: "at the turning point of the Hokkaido millennium, each farmer worked an average of 18.9 hectares; now, with the reduction of population, this proportion has risen to 30.1 hectares. Dragging per hectare and then removing acetyl groups with strong alkali under heating conditions can be obtained. The number of operators of 10 minute soluble chitin (chitosan) machines is also insufficient." Kubota also launched driverless agricultural machinery earlier than Jingguan agricultural machinery. These factors will continue to support the development of the group to drive tractors in the next few years

some companies involved in the manufacture of driverless agricultural machines say that after 2020, if farmers who plant rice or potatoes continue to work at the age of 80 and feel overwhelmed, in theory, driverless tractors can help them plough, sow and harvest crops. These driverless agricultural machines can even work at night, and farmers only need to stay in a comfortable living room

it is very complex to establish a system that allows [Zhongsu news] automated tractors to work on uneven ground and steep sloping farmland, and it is also very challenging to "teach" tractors the subtle experience honed by humans in many years of driving. But unlike driverless cars, the designers of robot tractors don't have to think too much about the behavior of other vehicles and pedestrians

a Japanese cabinet official said, "the severe agricultural situation in Japan means that the establishment of driverless agricultural machinery is very important."

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