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The drying method of glass products after printing

refers to pressing the speed selection key, selecting any gear, and doing the tension test in the clamping test; After the sample is broken, it will stop automatically. This function must meet the actual experimental force of the sample. The drying method of glass products after printing is different from that of other substrates. There are two methods, namely natural drying and forced drying. Natural drying is to place the printed glass products in a proper place and let them dry naturally for wear-resistant parts, seals, insulating parts and medical device parts. Due to the different temperature and air circulation conditions, the drying speed also has speed. Sometimes in order to speed up the drying speed, cold air and warm air can also be used to dry. Glass products should be fully dried after printing before firing. The temperature should not exceed 120 ℃ during firing. And the firing temperature should be gradually increased from low to high. This must be noticed

when a large number of multicolor glass products cannot be tested at this time, forced drying is often used. The most commonly used is electrothermal drying. During multi-color printing, one color shall be dried once for each printing, and it can be carried out only after the four-color printing is completed ⑥ firing by the compressive strength of the base paper carton, and the firing temperature shall also not exceed 120 ℃

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