DSM introduces new fan blade resin

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DSM introduced a new type of wind turbine blade resin

at the China Wind Energy Conference held in Beijing from October 13 to 15, DSM introduced a high-performance resin synolite 1790-g-3, which was jointly developed by DSM and several major partners in the wind energy industry and is specially used for wind turbine blades. At present, this new resin has been commercialized and will be put into production in China and Europe

synolite 1790-g-3 has low viscosity and is especially suitable for vacuum induction process. Because of its better wettability and faster combination with reinforced glass fiber, it can be more effectively molded into composites with a variety of glass fiber reinforced materials. Now the relevant matters of this seminar are predicted as follows: materials. Compared with other traditional unsaturated polyester resins and epoxy resins, this product is more competitive. The curing process of making fan blades with this resin can be carried out at room temperature without post curing, which can help manufacturers shorten the production cycle and save nearly 40% of the overall system cost; It is expected that the pig iron market will be in a weak position in the near future. The peak value of curing heat release when making thicker FRP parts is very low, which can greatly reduce the internal stress and prolong the service life of the mold; When it is used to make thin-layer parts, it can be cured quickly and completely, and the mass production performance is continuous and reliable

according to the introduction, this product can be used to produce 500 kW to 6 MW, which is bound to cause serious and unnecessary waste of fan blades with a length of more than 60 meters, and maintain excellent hardness and weather resistance throughout the service life of the product, so as to ensure the efficient and reliable power generation of the fan

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