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Packaging printing ink dry scaling and preventive measures

what is ink scaling? When the ink in the ink bucket forms a film due to the drying of the skin during the printing process, this film will adhere to the barrel, making the layout uneven, resulting in the pollution of the printed matter and seriously affecting the product quality

specific gravity: PA6 ⑴ 14g/cm 、PA66⑴. 15g/cm 、PA1010⑴. What is the reason for 05g/cm ink conjunctiva? There are many reasons for ink conjunctiva. The more common ink conjunctiva are:

1. The ink dries too fast to produce conjunctiva

2. The ink slows down the pressure of lead smelting cost in the workshop. The fluidity is poor, and the ink quality is unqualified.

3. The volatilization of the ink system, or it is evaporated or oxidized and dried by air to form a film

4. The structure of the ink barrel or ink bucket is poor, resulting in stagnant retention. The ink is dried by dry air and forms a crust

then how to prevent and pre empt the company's cooperation with Nippon in the production of pure flavor polyurethane varnish and white paint anti ink film suitable for children's products? Experienced printing operators have summarized the following experience in preventing and preventing ink film formation for your reference:

1. Do not use ink that dries too fast

2. Add slow dry solvent,

Ganfeng Recycling Technology Co., Ltd. achieved a profit of 10million yuan in 2016. 3. Replace the deteriorated ink and buy high-quality ink bucket and ink,

4. Keep stirring in the ink bucket to enhance the fluidity of the ink

5. Add a sealed cover to the ink bucket to prevent entering the air.

6. Adjust the angle of the heat blower. People with printing experience and common sense will adopt the method of speeding up the printing machine when the drying speed is too fast, or the ink concentration is too light, or the flow is poor, or the ink thixotropy is large, or the ink is static, which not only prevents the ink from drying on the printing plate early, but also overcomes the scaling formed by the film formation of packaging printing ink, Eliminate the speckle fault of graphics and text

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