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DSM high-performance thermoplastic composites are used for automotive natural gas storage tanks to improve pressure bearing performance. As a leading life science and materials science company in the world, Royal DSM group of the Netherlands said that the high-performance pressure vessel successfully built by combining the two most innovative thermoplastic technologies is very suitable for use as a light gas storage tank for compressed natural gas (CNG) or hydrogen fueled vehicles. With the solution of both inner liner and outer composite fiber reinforcement, DSM can significantly reduce the weight of the air tank by 70%

DSM high-performance thermoplastic composites are used for automotive natural gas storage tanks to improve pressure bearing performance

hydrogen and natural gas play an important role in automotive fuel economy and low-carbon performance. Countries with high natural gas reserves gradually find the advantage of using CNG as an alternative fuel. Compared with the current gasoline or diesel solutions, CNG can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 15%

the traditional 40L steel tank weighs about 60kg, while akulon is used ® The compound IV tank with fuel barrier liner weighs only 20 kg. For every 10kg reduction in vehicle weight, the carbon dioxide emission per kilometer will be reduced by about 1g

type IV pressure vessels are reinforced with plastic substrates and filament winding, which are different from class I, II and III vessels containing metal components. At the fakuma exhibition held in Germany in mid October, DSM exhibited an air tank equipped with a blow molded liner using akulon fuel barrier, a polyamide based engineering plastic with extremely high hydrocarbon barrier. The tank can be coated with composite fibers based on thermosetting or thermoplastic resins, such as ecopaxx ® Tape made of polyamide 410, etc

the liner material of CNG storage tank is of little significance. Akulon fuel barrier adopts a formula containing special additives, which can further improve the strong gas resistance of PA6, and make it also have high impact resistance at low temperatures (as low as -60 ° C). The permeability of HDPE liner is too high, which makes it impossible to install a composite type IV tank containing such liner in the vehicle. However, compared with HDPE material, akulon fuel barrier liner material can reduce the emission factor by at least 150, so that type IV storage tanks can be successfully used in vehicles

akulon fuel barrier's product portfolio adds a new level, which is suitable for blow molding of large pressure vessel liners for heavy vehicles such as buses and trucks. Generally, the melt strength of polymers is relatively low, and it is usually difficult to use PA6 for large-scale blow molding, but this grade has enough melt strength to create a stable parison for storage tanks with a length of more than 2 meters, which can ensure high-precision wall thickness control

composite fiber material of CNG tank

in current type IV pressure vessels, composite fiber reinforcement includes glass or carbon fiber made of thermosetting polymers such as epoxy resin or unsaturated polyester. DSM used thermoplastic materials, such as ecopaxx polyamide 410 or another grade of akulon, to develop composite fibers for vessel coating, thus successfully realizing the joint research and development of the next generation of V-shaped pressure vessels

the weight of V-shaped pressure vessel is about 70% less than that of steel tank, and it is lighter than that of iv-shaped pressure vessel. These materials are more durable than steel, have better chemical resistance (corrosion resistance), and can be completely recycled. Another advantage of ecopaxx is that its polymers are all made of renewable resources, so the total carbon emission in the whole life cycle is zero

Tony vanswijgenhoven, director of coves, is a research expert on advanced thermoplastic composite containers. He has expertise in various applications and is currently cooperating closely with DSM. He said, "in the R & D process of coves' V-shaped pressure vessel, glass, carbon or mixed fibers can be used to achieve a perfect balance of weight, performance and economy. No matter which fiber you choose, the final container will be lighter than the existing similar type IV tank."

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in 112, Royal DSM group of the Netherlands was based on science and technology and was active in the fields of health, nutrition and materials all over the world. DSM has expertise in the fields of life science and material science, and uses the unique combination of the two to continuously promote economic prosperity, environmental improvement and social progress, and create sustainable value for all stakeholders of hydraulic universal testing machine. DSM serves the end markets of food and health products, personal care, feed, medical equipment, automobiles, coatings and paints, electronic and electrical, life protection, alternative energy and bio based materials, and creates sustainable solutions worldwide to promote nutrition, strengthen and ensure product efficacy and improve product performance. DSM's 24500 employees worldwide have created an annual sales volume of about 10billion euros for the company. The company has been listed on NYSE Euronext, and the commercial development process of vanadium battery will be delayed. For more information, please visit

DSM in China

DSM began trading with China as early as 1963 and established its first sales representative office and first production site in China in the early 1990s. DSM China regional headquarters and R & D center are located in Shanghai. At present, the company has 42 branches in China, including 25 production sites, with about 3400 employees. DSM's business in China grew healthily and steadily, with sales in China exceeding US $1.7 billion in 2013. For more information, please visit

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