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Mechanical revolution deep-sea Titan x8ti

what are the selling points of products that have attracted the most attention of users in recent years? The narrow frame must be second to none. As a well-known domestic computer game manufacturer, the mechanical revolution game series is deeply recognized by the majority of game players, and its deep-sea Titan Series games have won a large number of fans with excellent performance and excellent heat dissipation. From the market point of view, a larger screen and better portability have always been the goal of computers

as a game computer manufacturer that keeps forging ahead and brings users the best product experience and better game experience, recently, x8ti plus is the first narrow frame game book with a 17.3-inch screen in the industry. Let me sum up one of the highlights of this game book, that is: the large screen brings more surprises, and the small body brings more portability and more possibilities

the mechanical revolution x8ti plus can be said to be a game notebook with both portability and large screen. Compared with the 15.6-inch notebook screen, the 17.3-inch "giant screen" can provide more than 23% of the visual area, allowing players to have a more enjoyable game experience

next, the author will bring you the evaluation of this 17.3-inch full screen game notebook to let you feel the overall performance of this game notebook after upgrading and optimization

high end outer packaging design

from the aspect of appearance, the iconic design of side a makes people see that it is a product of mechanical revolutionaries at a glance. However, if you compare the previous generation of x8ti products, you will find that this product is still very different in details. The redesigned side a of x8ti plus gives people a more concise feeling, converges and publicizes, and is easily competent for various use environments, Even if you take this machine to the meeting, there is no problem at all

the a side of the mechanical revolution x8ti plus adopts the metal drawing design, and the mechanical revolution logo is blessed, which makes this game book highly recognizable and full at the same time

5mm ultra narrow border design

17.3-inch large screen 144hz refresh rate

compared with the previous generation of game books, the most noteworthy point is that the mechanical revolution x8ti plus has upgraded the 17.3-inch 144hz display screen, which is combined with the 5mm ultra narrow border, so that this large screen is stuffed into the body of the 15.6-inch notebook. At the same time, compared with the previous generation of products, this display increases the screen share to 88%, providing players with a larger game vision, Bring a more enjoyable game experience

at the same time, the B side of this game book adopts the IR CA parallel interface, which is often used to connect the extraction equipment (such as printer) Mera to perform 3D scanning and record the 3D of the face, and realizes the function of face ID in combination with windows hello; This is the first time in the mainstream game books to try the face ID function, so that players can completely free their hands when starting up

at the same time, in terms of keyboard layout, the mechanical revolution x8ti plus has designed a keypad and added the "office/game one button switch" function, making it easy for everyone to switch with one button in the game and office environment, which is very intimate and convenient

the powerful heat dissipation system can help players easily solve the problem of hardware heat dissipation, so as to give full play to the performance of the hardware. The mechanical revolution x decoration system adopts the metal aluminum plate 8ti plus and the fourth generation heat dissipation design on the surface. The May 4th air outlet can effectively solve the problem of excessive notebook temperature and improve the performance of the whole machine. At the same time, the design of the four air outlets makes the hot air not blow to the hands of players, Bring players a better game experience

oversized touch pad, good experience

the touch control on the C side of this notebook has also been comprehensively upgraded compared with the previous generation. First, the oversized touch pad is more comfortable to use, and double clicking the upper left corner area can lock the touch pad, which is very convenient to operate. The leather layer of the palm rest is significantly better than that of other metal brushed palm rest materials, effectively improving the texture and use experience of the whole machine

notebook left interface

right interface

back interface

mechanical revolution x8ti plus is also rich in expanding interface design, which can basically meet the daily use needs of most players

RGB keyboard supporting 16.7 million color custom lamp effect

second generation optical axis mechanical keyboard

mechanical revolution belief lamp

mechanical revolution x8ti plus game book adopts the second generation optical axis mechanical keyboard design. Take gb/t 8946 ⑴ 998 plastic woven bag as an example, the touch release range is 1.4mm, the feedback is stronger, and the full key non impact can be realized. For game players, the use experience is very good

appearance summary: as an upgraded version of x8ti, the mechanical revolution deep-sea Titan x8ti plus can be said to be an all-round upgrade of the appearance of this game book, especially the comprehensive screen with a 17.3-inch 5mm narrow frame, which can be said to absolutely amaze the players. At the same time, in the detail design of office/game one click switching, it can better reflect the design skills of a notebook manufacturer. From the perspective of users, it takes full account of the real needs of users, The mechanical revolution x8ti plus has made more innovations and sincerity while continuing the previous products as a whole, which is very valuable

performance test:

I have seen the appearance of this game notebook. Next, let's conduct a detailed performance test on this notebook to let you further understand the performance of this game notebook. First, let's take a look at the hardware of the entire notebook

this game book uses IH. The biggest improvement of this processor over the previous generation ihq processor is that it is upgraded to six cores and twelve threads. IH is designed with 14nm, with an initial dominant frequency of 2.2GHz, Kerui to 4.1ghz, a three-level cache of 9mb, and an overall TDP of 45W. Let's talk about the performance of this processor

cinebench R15 multi-core score

cinebench R15 single core score

super π score

chess score

from the final test results, we can see that this IH processor R15 multi-core performance score is 1151cb, while the single core performance score is 170cb, and its scores in super π and chess are 9.485s and 21649 respectively, which comprehensively crush the previous generation ihq

from the test results, we can see that the new IH is eye-catching in terms of performance. In terms of overall performance, it is comparable to the 7700k desktop level. The improvement in games is still very obvious. If you want to play various games smoothly, it is very reliable to choose this processor

let's test the performance of GTX 1060 6G graphics card

gtx 1060 graphics card is familiar to everyone. The GTX 1060 6G graphics card of this game book uses 1280 stream processors, 192bit video memory bit width and 6GB ddr5 video memory, and the core frequency is 1405mhz. Next, we will use the well-known 3dmark to conduct a benchmark performance test on this graphics card

in the fire strike mode, the mechanical revolution deep-sea Titan x8ti plus scored 10156; Fire strike extreme scored 5178, while time spy scored 3784. In terms of scores, this GTX 1060 is at the middle and high-end level of the mobile platform, and can basically play all kinds of large-scale games

having seen the benchmark test, let's select the representative games on the market to test the actual game performance of this game book

first, Tomb Raider: rise. The game resolution is 1920*1080. In terms of special effects, we choose medium special effects, turn off vertical synchronization, and use fxaa anti aliasing. The final results are as follows

in the end, the test result was 76.74fps, which reached the level of absolute fluency, indicating that this game could easily be competent for this game

"watch pioneer" is a first person design game, and it is also a popular e-sports game. This game is different from the traditional FPS competitive game. This game uses a MoBa like playing method, which makes many players addicted to it. As we all know, FPS games have high requirements for the refresh rate and delay of the display screen. The display screen with high refresh rate can bring players a more smooth game experience. Let's use this game to test the performance of the 144hz E-sports screen of this game book

finally, under high special effects, the resolution is 1080p. The final test results are shown in the figure above. The average number of frames can reach 156.7, which can give full play to the 144hz refresh rate of the game book, so that the player can not drag

finally, we can see that this mechanical revolution deep-sea Titan x8ti plus can easily be competent for all kinds of large-scale games, and can give full play to its advantages of 17.3-inch 144hz high-definition screen with GTX 1060 graphics card

finally, we test the endurance, copying temperature and hard disk performance of the whole machine. We choose pcmark8 for the whole machine test, and aida64 and "doughnut" Furmark for the copying tool. Finally, we use a thermal imager to record the temperature of the C and D surfaces of the whole machine

full load temperature shows C-plane

full load temperature shows d-plane

finally, we can see through the thermal imager that the maximum temperature of C-plane is only 45.3 ℃, while the maximum temperature of d-plane is 52.9 ℃. The heat is mainly concentrated in the CPU and the intermediate heat pipe. Such temperature performance allows players to still enjoy a fresh environment in the fierce game, and will not be affected by the heat

in the hard disk test, the combination of 128G pcie+1tb HDD used in this game book basically meets the daily capacity requirements, which is also a common solution for the current game book. Finally, the performance of SSD is shown in the figure above. The random reading performance reaches 2770mb/s, while the immediately written performance reaches 793.6mb/s, reaching the mainstream level. Such a reading speed can effectively improve the loading and running speed of the game and the system

evaluation summary: the mechanical revolution deep-sea Titan x8ti plus has made a new upgrade in the appearance design, which gives players a bright feeling. At the same time, it is equipped with a 17.3-inch super large 144hz refresh rate display, which gives players a very shocking feeling. In terms of hardware configuration, the configuration of this game book belongs to the medium and high end, and it can run most of the games on the market smoothly

in terms of price, the initial price of 8999 yuan makes this notebook a very cost-effective 17.3-inch large screen 15.6-inch game notebook in the market. In addition, this game notebook achieves an excellent balance between the large screen and the small body, which is likely to promote the full popularization of the full screen game notebook. If you are interested in the deep-sea Titan x8ti plus of mechanical revolution, I recommend you to pay attention to it

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